do you know it?

July 23, 2021, Israel

Last night in class we worked on the IKI Universal Block, Yes, again...

I began the lesson by saying, yes, we all know this. The Passover order/lesson begins with these words, "Even though we are all wise, we are all learned, we are all is still incumbent upon us to tell the story of the Exodus from Egypt." For by telling the story we understand it better each time. Each time a deeper meaning appears to us. In our tradition there is no such thing as reviewing something too much.

And Krav Maga is a matter of life and death.

So I asked, Do you all know the Universal Block?  

Yes, of course, they are know it. 

I asked again, louder, DO YOU KNOW IT?

Yes, they all know it.

Now I describe a situation that occurred to me the other day. I was leaving the hospital with my mother (yes, there is a reason I am including the details). It was a very frustrating day. There were some bureaucratic mess-ups and she did not receive the treatment she needed. I got the run-around. I was tired and frustrated. Does this happen to you as well sometimes?

As I was leaving the parking lot, another vehicle makes a quick turn, drives into my lane, directly in front of me, blocking me. I step on the breaks and give him this look of; What the Hell are you doing!?!

He looks at me, I cannot hear what he is saying but I can see his expression. He is livid at me! Why? I don't know, but he was extremally angry. I recognized his face and I recall seeing him a few minutes earlier arguing with a security guard. Voices were raised, clearly he was in a mood, "prone to attack", anything could ignite him. And he looked like a powerful man, very muscular and young. And now his anger was directed at me. 

Naturally I did not get out of the car, and he drove away and it was all over. But, it could have ended differently. As a Krav Maga  instructor I began to think, what if he came out swinging at me. What if....

And now I ask the question again; Do you know the Universal Block? for that is the technique you will need over here. How well do you know it?

Suddenly the look of confidence is gone. Suddenly the thoughts of "Do we really have to do this again? are gone. Suddenly the approach has changed; Yes, we really do want to practice this technique. So we went over the basics, and found plenty to correct and improve. Then we reenacted the scary situation, put in a little road rage, and that was the class. A life lesson.

We try to avoid these situations, but we all have bad days, frustrating days, we need to be prepared for the worse. Keep training.

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