Dr Sher
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International 

July 30, 2016, Durban, South Africa

It is great having an older brother. An older brother not only shares your memories but remembers certain things that you may have forgotten, and their memory extends back a little further.

I am in Durban, South Africa, teaching Krav Maga. Growing up I knew that many of our friends in Savyon, Israel, were originally from South Africa but I never bother looking into it deeper than that. I certainly was not aware of any specific cities.

Our dear doctor, my childhood doctor, was a kind older gentleman named Dr. Sher. I can still picture his office, the waiting room, his desk, and...his kind demeanor.

My brother writes me that Dr. Sher was from Durban, I had no idea. So here I am in his hometown, the town he left to make aliyah, to ascend to the land of Israel, to return to the land of his forefathers, to reclaim his birthright as a Jew.

He was our doctor. As a child, going to the doctor can be an intimating experience. I have seen kids crying in the waiting room, terrified to see a doctor, terrified to be touched and poked by a stranger. But my memories, from so long ago, of Dr. Sher, are just the opposite.

I recall his calming affect. I recall how everything was...let's talk a look, shall we? Nothing scary, never anything to worry about, never making a condition seem terrible. He gave me the feeling that I was in good hands and everything was under control, nothing to worry about, and no need to panic.

And then the pleasant smile and the words, "Young man, I think you deserve a couple of days off" as he would scribble a sick note on a piece of paper.

It was never; you are sick and must stay home, but always...you deserve a couple of days off. I always left feeling elated.

It was a positive experience.

One might say, looking back, that he taught me everything I need to know about running a Krav Maga school.

  • Make everyone feel welcome.
  • Remove all anxiety.
  • Minimize a problem rather than maximize it.
  • Have everyone leave with a smile on their face.
  • Never hurt anyone under any circumstances
  • Make sure that when your time comes you will leave a positive legacy, that years later people will think of you and smile and yearn to hear your sweet voice one more time.

I had a blessed childhood.

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