By Moshe Katz

December 14, 2011

Two men, in prison, thrown in the slammer by the king of Egypt, in the pit, and they dream.

"and we dreamt a dream, in one night, me and him, each man according to the solution of his dream he dreamt."

My father of blessed memory often spoke of dreams; his own dreams, dreams of the Jewish people, and Biblical dreams. He loved the song, "To Dream the Impossible Dream". He strove to fulfill his own dreams in his lifetime. He taught us by example that one must be an active participant in his own dream and that even if a dream is not fully achieved – the act of dreaming, and trying, has great benefit to oneself and others.

Two men, in the pit, thrown there by the King; the night comes, and they dream. In their sleep, in the unconscious darkness, a dream comes to each man. A dream does not have to be logical, it is not born out of logic, it comes from someplace deeper and it goes to someplace higher. It can take you higher. It can take you from the darkest, deepest place to previously unknown heights.

It is good to dream; only a dream can lift you out of the pit, only a dream can take you where you want to be. But you have to believe in your own dream and you have to visualize a positive ending. Each man, according to the solution of his dream he dreamt. Already in the process of the dream itself we see the solution. The dream itself has power.

The dreamer becomes the dream.

The solution of the dream, it might be hinted in this Biblical verse, is in the power of the dreamer. Each man dreamed his own solution. Each man has a share in forming his own destiny.

My father of blessed memory often spoke of dreams, of things that were and things that could be. He always thought in terms of possibilities, of what could be created in the future.

No matter where we might find ourselves, if we can still dream we can still change our reality.

We must begin with a dream, even if we are in the pit of life. …"and we dreamt a dream."

"and as God returned the returnees to Zion, we were as dreamers".