Easy Money
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

September 22, 2015

Easy money.

You think nobody knows how this feels..

I remember my college days, the music of Rickie Lee Jones, Easy Money..there ain't no such thing as easy money. And yet, people are always trying to convince us that there is a way to get easy money. Often we give ourselves "discounts" but that doesn't work, we just fool ourselves.

There ain't no such thing as easy money. There are high stakes, there are prison terms and shootings but there ain't no such thing as easy money.

Someone is always trying to tempt you into some great deal, some inside scoop. Someone leaning on the back door..easy money.

Shady characters, we have them in the martial arts world as well...easy money..easy ranks. Print up your own diplomas, buy some old camouflage uniform at the army surplus store....

she says...Baby you can trust me, Baby it must be...

now the dealer set the bet ..but he was wise to all of her lies.

No such thing as easy ranks unless you are slow in the head, there ain't no such thing as easy ranks...

So I am looking at all the e mails sent to the IKI website over the past month and wondering why none of them joined us, why none of them sent in their payments for membership, why?

Made me think of this song, easy money. And my answer to them was no such thing, not with us.

So they send me a list of all their ranks, their training, drop a few names, tell me they are opening a school and need a rank. They try and impress me with what they did in the past...and they want an easy rank. Ain't no such thing, not with us.

I know everyone else is doing it, but we will not. If you train you earn rank. You leave IKI you leave your rank behind, because you are no longer training with us. If you retire you can keep your rank, you earned it.

We are for real, and really, there is no easy money and no easy rank.

And more reality, we grow old, and we need techniques based on wisdom. So don't send me video clips of hot Israeli girls with long hair in the IDF looking really cool. Video trash, has nothing to do with our reality. Marketing garbage, nothing more.

But a smile and a kind word never grow old.