Education: No Change
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 15, 2016, Israel

Sitting at the bank with nothing to do I pick up the Business papers. You know it is going to be boring when the cover photo is a series of graphs and numbers. But the headline did catch my attention.

It read, "No Change in University Education". An in-depth study recently determined that in higher education, universe level, no change is taking place. And that is not good. 

Students are being trained as they always have been, and they are bored. They are not challenged. They are not being taught to think creatively and independently. The report noticed a clear "lack of original thinking".

And, the course of study could be completed just as effectively in half the time. i.e. two years of formal study rather than four.  Startling! That is all I needed to hear. Anyway, it was my turn.

The application to Krav Maga is obvious, and you do not need an MBA in Finance to see you. Our goal with IKI Krav Maga is to get to a competent level as quickly as possible. Tradition says a BA takes 4 years, but who said so? and where is it written? What if someone found a way to master these educational concepts faster and more effectively in 2 years?

Blasphemy! some will say, it can't be done! It shan't be done!

But it can be done and we are doing it.

Now we do not believe self defense can ever be "mastered" as it is a never ending pursuit, but what if we could bring someone to a competent level in half the time, or less, than traditional approaches? What if you did not have to break half your bones along the way, what if?

What if there was a faster, more effective way and could be done with a smile? What if....

Why are universities taking so long to turn out educated creative people? Why is it so difficult to turn out people capable of original thinking?

The same can be asked of martial arts. But I am fortunate that I was blessed with a father who challenged me to think. Where is it written? Who said it? Read the Bible as if you are reading it for the very first time, let the words come out to you, let God speak to you. Today they call that thinking outside the box but creative people have been doing this since time began.

We want double the results in half the time, and we are doing it.

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