ego and judgement 

March 19, 2021, Israel 

August 13, 1942

Sir Winston Spencer Churchill and Joseph Stalin, Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili, were very different people, from very different cultures and very different backgrounds. The meeting did not go well. Insults were hurled, accusations of cowardice were made. Churchill was ready to pack up and go back to Great Britain, but too much was a at stake. Fortunately, calmer views prevailed as Archibald Clark Kerr, British ambassador to the Soviet Union, spoke sense to Churchill. He said, you are an aristocrat, do not let this criminal peasant get to you, Don't let your ego blur your judgement. Churchill was wise enough to accept this advice and attend another meeting the next evening. That meeting went very well, a friendship, and more importantly, an alliance, was formed.

This would change the course of the war and help bring about the defeat of Nazi Germany. But it all could have gone differently, very differently. We are thankful to Sir Archibald Clark Kerr for his calm and wise attitude, and this saved countless lives. We should all memorize this quote; Don't let your ego blur your judgement.

In our own lives there is also a great deal at stake, not the future of Europe or the world, but our own world is important to us. We all have egos, some larger, some humbler. We all have feelings. And yet we violate this wise advise on a regular basis, harming our family life, our social life and our business life. It can also get you killed. Do not let an insult or a taunt draw you in a fight that you did not plan on or want. I often give this example at seminars; you are about to propose to your girlfriend, this is the big night. You take her out for dinner. Now there is some punk there who has been listening to Elton Johns', "Saturday night's already for a fight", and he is in the mood for a fight. So he challenges you with a line out of Blood Sport, Hey Baby, Don't you want to be with a real man, dump that punk and come to me.    So you get all offended, roll up your sleeves and get into a fight. He has drawn you into his negative energy. He has drawn you into his will. His will prevailed over yours. You came for a romantic dinner, he came for a fight, who won?

Just by participating in the fight you have already lost. 

Someone offended us? So what! Look at the bigger picture, Don't let your ego blur your judgement.  Do not let a feeling of being offended destroy something that may have taken years to build. Perhaps this client is a major dealership, perhaps this is a family member. Reacting harshly due to hurt feelings can cost us dearly. It nearly cost the alliance between the Soviet Union and Great Britain.

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