Krav Maga Election Time
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

March 18, 2015, Israel

Big Mike wearing a Krav Maga T shirt (made here in Israel) at the election booth: voting twice, once for the correct candidate and once for Krav Maga.

Yesterday was election day here in Israel. Some people get very excited and some don't care at all. Some say all the politicians are corrupt and it makes no difference whom you vote for. Others say in order to make a difference you must become part of the process.

I agree with everyone.

You might ask what difference does your vote make, and I will not answer that. Instead I will speak of another very important election; the one you make every day.

Every day is election day for us. We are privileged to live at a time where we enjoy a great deal of personal freedom, much more than most people during most of human history. And every day we have choices to make. Every day we can elect to do or not do certain things.

And these elections have serious consequences.

We complain bitterly about politicians: Why can't they anticipate problems? Why do they not protect us from obvious dangers? Why don't they work harder to improve our economic situation!!

And yet, we are in the same position as them but we do less. Why are we so inactive when it comes to our own well-being? Why do we expect others to do all the work for us.

Do we take advantage of every economic opportunity? Do we work as hard or as smart as we can? Are we making every effort?

And are we electing to protect ourselves from all harm?

We see an advertisement for Krav Maga, we think about it, and then we dismiss it. We have just voted in our own personal election, and we have voted poorly. When we or a loved one is attacked, with devastating results, we may ask - Who is responsible? Whom can we vote out of office? Whom can we punish and "send home"?

The answer can be found right at home, in your bathroom, just look for the mirror.

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