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 August 16, 2021 Israel

When one thinks of elevators and Krav Maga, if one does, the first thing that would come to mind is - how does one defend themselves in an elevator.

If you have never thought about this, well, I have to be honest and blunt, you are not even close to being able to defend yourself. But if you are reading this blog, then, "There is hope for you Daniel San!"

For the first step in self-defense, is, thinking about self-defense. This is actually far more important than training in martial arts. I shall explain.

I trained in martial arts for years before I actually began to think about real self-defense. Yes, I went to class, I changed into my gi, greeted my instructors and classmates with the well rehearsed correct greetings, and I loved it! But I was not "self-defense thinking". 

The beginning of self defense is to think about it, to be aware of the potential dangers in each and every situation. If you are thinking along those lines you are already better prepared than most black belt level martial artists, and I am speaking as someone who has earned several black belts in different disciplines. 

When you enter an elevator you should see the great potential dangers that lie there, but that is actually not the point of this blog, however I will address this. An elevator presents certain unique challenges; you are alone, perhaps with a man who might see this as an opportunity, you might be surrounded by several men who prowl the elevators of expensive hotels or office buildings looking to pick up whatever cash, jewelry, and credit cards you have on you. You are alone with them in a sealed container with no possibility of escape. True it may be a short ride but that is all they need. And, they can prevent the door from opening and thus have more time to have "fun" with you and then exit with some nice parting gifts.

If you have not thought about this, well you might live in La La land. Bless you. but I think about these things. If you want to learn how to handle that situation, come to class, or join our programs (listed below). I can't teach self-defense via blogs, I can only try and open your eyes.

But here is another point I wish to make, to those who have some training, perhaps even instructors. I am speaking of the little note stuck in each elevator, at least in Israel. It is an inspection note. This little note is ignored by most passengers; you get in, press a button, get out, no big deal. And those guys who inspect elevators? C'mon, get a real job.

This is a matter of life and death. So pay attention. 

Not long ago there was a storm in Israel, two young people, a man and a woman, got stuck in an elevator, it crashed and they died, a slow painful death. An up to date inspected elevator would be the solution. In Italy a cable car crashed and sent everyone to their deaths, including a young Israeli family. A proper inspection would have prevented that. 

Similarly the guy who checks out your heating and air-condition systems, he too is a life-saver. You may not see this sort of work as essential, until a house catches on fire, until a cable car crashes with all its doomed passengers, until an elevator jams and you are stuck inside, or falling to your death, or drowning. (You see, I am such a cheerful fellow to have around).

But these are essentials, these are matters of life and death. So when you enter an elevator, you take a look at the inspection note and you see that this elevator was recently inspected and found fit; that is a good sign. (literally and figuratively).

And now the obvious, yet ignored, Krav Maga, Self-defense, martial arts analogy. You can probably complete the blog yourself. 

For those who need me to fill in the blanks...

You earned your black belt five years ago, what you have done since?

You attended a seminar a year ago with the head instructor, what have you done since?

Bad habits set in, for nearly everyone. Like with a crack in a plane that is insignificant at first but later leads to a tragic mid air collapse, small Krav Maga mistakes grow over the time you are away from your instructor. Soon you are committing suicide rather than teaching self defense. 

I have seen students, I come back a year later and they are teaching something which is off, a mistake, small changes that render it ineffective. They need to keep in touch, watch the online videos, the Vimeos, attend training, come for Tour and Train, etc. 

Don't be the elevator that killed two young people in Israel.

Don't be the cable car that crashed in Italy, killing 50 people on their long awaited vacation.

Don't be those whose home caught on fire because you did not want to pay for a Master Electrician or Heat and Air Conditioning man to properly inspect it.

Look for the Union Label, look to make sure you up to date on your training. It is a matter of Life or....

Update: Some members and instructors wonder why do I need to attend ongoing training, seminars, and view the new videos from the IKI headquarters. So let's take a different approach. Lets' transform this to the elevator or Cable Car business and each one can reach his own conclusions.

You are head of Quality Control at the company that manufactures and maintains cable cars and you receive the following letter. Dear Sirs, I an ending my membership in your organization. I no longer want your supervisors to come check our Cable Cars, we will do the supervision ourselves. We are no longer interested in attending your professional conferences, nor do we wish to receive professional journals. We will of course keep your original letter endorsing our Cable Cars as this makes the passengers feel safer. 

Quality Control saves life. Enough said. 

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