Emergency Training
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

September 2018, Israel, and Ukraine

What if someone called you up and said they needed some quick training:

Their daughter is going off to college in two weeks and she suddenly realized that she must learn to protect herself

Their son is off to a war zone and does not trust the techniques being taught by the military

A police officer needs to learn the basics as he has come to realize that the police academy training is simply not sufficient.

Do you have a plan?

We do. 

We have a plan that gives you an emergency plan. We can condense the basics down to a short course that you can use to prepare someone with very little time to get ready. We can do it. We have done it. We shall continue to do it. 

We deal with the most likely scenarios. Rather than memorize many techniques, which you will surely forget as you walk out the door with your fancy diploma, we give you basic concepts and tools.

Think of it as simple bullet points; a few basic concepts, a few basic techniques and the understanding of how those concepts and techniques work together to allow you to "create" your technique when you need it without resorting to memory.

If you master a few basic simple moves, understand the thread that runs through all the techniques, you will be able to handle most situations. You will not have to memorize countless techniques and their Asian or Hebrew names. 

Concepts, a few moves, these are your tools, and then with instinct you will be able to apply them. It will not take long.

We do not have much time, we are facing an emergency and we need an emergency plan. We have one, and it works.

We understand that "life time martial artists" are a rarity. We understand that most people do not have the time or the patience for long term dedicated training, we understand that most martial arts take years to become somewhat proficient and even then it is highly questionable if it will work for the average person. That is why our system is designed for you, it is the perfect system for imperfect people, with little time on their hands. 

This one is for you.

Simple foundations that can easily be understood and applied, these need not take years of training. Moshe teaching in Ukraine.

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