Ever Changing World
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

June 8, 2017, Israel

Many things change in our lives. People we grow up with are suddenly gone. Places we knew are no longer the same. Those whom we trust oftentimes betray us.

When you were young...there was much you believed in. When you are older and hopefully wiser...things change.

There was much you believed in that was not true, you know you did. But this ever changing world in which we live in...

Things change.

This week during our Tour and Train session already two situations came up that I never thought of before. Situations that none of my teachers ever thought of or taught. One came from a participant from the USA, the other from a participant from Germany. 

In this ever changing world...

Faces from the past...things change.

Misunderstanding all you see...things change....Let me take you along for the ride.

Today we visited the Holocaust memorial. When those events took place the world was not prepared, why? because things change. The rules that applied before were no longer valid. Leaders based their opinions on past events, but those past events proved to be an incorrect way of evaluating the present situations. Things change.

Much remains the same, human nature remains the same but the manifestation of evil changes. Tomorrow's attacks are not the same as yesterdays'. The Roman methods of attack were great for their times but are no longer used today. Things change. And we must be ever so vigilant in this world in which we live in.

Today is not yesterday, nor is it tomorrow. Nothing lasts forever. Everything can change, and it is painful.

What a long strange journey it has been. The pain sits in my shoulders and never goes away. What a long strange trip it has been.

Things change. Yesterdays' solutions may not work today. We finally learn the answers but then the questions change.

We do not teach yesterdays' Krav Maga. We teach tomorrow's Krav Maga.

Too many instructors have a set seminar plan, a set curriculum, like a musical act that never changes. We change every day. Every student can ask any question he wants and the issue will be addressed on the spot. The student will see how the concept is applied here and now. There are no secrets with IKI. We are not an act, we are not a performance. We are the real deal and you and your life are at the center of all we do.

Daily we send out updates to our members, new situations, adaptations of old techniques, improvements and upgrades, for in this ever changing world in which we live it...where nothing is ever the same we must adapt in order to live!

Change is constant. We worship no man, no guru, calm down, we are all mortal. Nothing is written in stone other than the ten commandments.

We are not a fossilized system; we are not a song and dance routine. We are a living system designed to keep you alive. All questions are welcome, from new and old.

For in this ever-changing world in which we live in.....

Hold on to what is true, hold on to all that is dear and precious, and be open to changes. We adapt and we survive. For in this ever-changing world in which we live in.....

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