Exposing the Truth
by Moshe katz
israeli Krav international

March 26, 2020, Israel, Chinese Coronavirus Times, 

These are challenging times. What we can do is try to learn lessons which we can apply to our future. If we gained nothing than the lessons are lost. Mankind moves forward by learning lessons from tragedies. It took many years but scientists and medical researches finally unraveled the mysteries of the Black Deaths that took place in Europe in the 14th through 17th centuries. The plague of Justinian 541 (from Central Asia), Black Death China 1330's, Europe, 1346 - 1353 - The Bubonic Black Death, London 1439, Paris 1466,  Barcelona 1497,  Madrid 1506, York 1550, London 1563,  Seville 1596, London 1625, Milan 1629-1631, and the Black Death of London 1665, China 1855,. The Great Plague of Marseille 1720, San Francisco (China Town, 1900- 1904).

Those lessons have saved many lives.

We are currently in such a situation. What I have seen is that much that was covered up is now exposed. Like makeup that covers a less than perfect face, a garment that makes a man look like a body builder, once it comes off - the truth is exposed. 

One of the great virtues of full contact combat is that all pretense is gone. One can brag all day but when the fists start flying and the legs start kicking, the truth comes out, the cream rises to the top. The naked truth is exposed. Fighting is a humbling experience. 

We live in a world of lies, falsehood and deception. Every salesman is trying to sell you something, and he is hiding more than he reveals. When I was younger I applied for many jobs in related fields, I eventually turned down all these opportunities. I would not sell what they wanted me to sell. I would not say what they wanted me to say. The product they were selling is hope, false hope, a vacuum cleaner that will make your life easier where in fact it only enriches the company. Or a miracle product that will make you feel and look younger, which in fact hopefully will make you wiser once you understand that you have been tricked. 

The slick, smooth talking salesman will always find his victim, sorry...customer. And we are warned: buyer beware! 

In our current situation in Israel we, the average citizen, are being forced to pay a heavy price for crimes committed far away; Lockdown, restricted movement, police surveillance, total loss of income, threats of fines and imprisonment.  I believe that part of this is to cover up for years of corruption and mismanagement. Not to belittle the crises, which truthfully few of us understand, but I believe, I know, that every war and every crises has its coverups and its "special interests". Often only decades later is the truth finally revealed as sealed records are opened and documents reveal the ugly truth. The public is the last to know but the first that must obey, unconditionally. 

If we read the writings of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin we discover the truth behind the oppressive socialist regime, we understand how the Socialist leadership totally disrespected the common man they were claiming to be fighting for, how human rights were violated, shattered, totally repressed.  The secret documents in every generation reveal how the leadership always counted on the stupidity of the masses, that they could be fooled and manipulated, how we can "get away with murder". 

The current situation too has its lessons. We the people must bear the brunt of the struggle. Now here is my point; the salesman counts on the fact that the buyer will never really be able to test the product in real life.  And thus a refund is always out of the question. You paid to fix your car and a month later you are back at the mechanic: it is a different problem. You took the flu vaccine and yet got the flu: it is a different strand of the flu. You paid for insurance and now are hurt and want some payback: your insurance does not cover that particular injury. And so it is. 

But there are times when the truth is revealed, or about to be revealed, and then "emergency measures" are taken to cover it up. In Israel in our current situation, we discover that our medical system is totally unprepared and unequipped to handle a potential increase in patients. We discover that for years there have been those warning that our hospitals are woefully understaffed and we do not have enough hospital beds. We have now discovered that while Japan has about 13 beds per 1,000 people in the population we have perhaps 3. We are also discovering that medical schools have been refusing to allow other schools to open up, for fear of competition, they have been selling positions to American medical students as they can charge more, Israeli candidates are forced to leave the country or give up on their dream.  Some of these students go abroad and return with an education that is below standard and not in sync with Israeli culture or values. As a result we have a massive shortage of properly trained physicians. And now we are not prepared for a crises. 

Now let us apply this to our Krav Maga training. The great blessing for most self defense instructors is that most likely their students will never actually be in a position to test these techniques. Most students will not be attacked, they live in the better neighborhoods, are more affluent and are less likely to encounter a violent situation. Thus the instructors can continue to sell their magic potions, their cod liver oil that will cure all ailments, and their students will never be the wiser. And if they are attacked, well, if they die, end of discussion, no money back guarantee. If they live somehow, than despite the injuries the teacher can still proclaim that it was his techniques that saved a life. 

I see videos with grandmasters, instructors etc grabbing the wrist of knife attacker and flipping him over. The master than struts around the dojo feeling mighty impressed with himself. And I scratch my head and say....Lord help us!  If anyone ever attempts to do this against a real violent attacker then he will end up like mashed potatoes and chopped liver, nothing will be left of them. And yet these instructors thrive. It is the old salesman, slick and smooth talking, A fool and his money are quickly separated. 

In our current situation, all the lies, all the corruption, are beginning to come out. People who acted in their own self interest, preventing more students from training to be doctors, saving money at the expense of the public, not adding hospital beds or necessary equipment, now we pay the price and the truth is exposed, for those willing to see. 

We must apply this to our Krav Maga training. We must test our techniques as best as we can in our training. Naturally we will not hire criminals to attack our students on their way home from training, this is not an option, but we must simulate the emotional and physical reality of an actual violent attack.

Dojo training, i.e. we are all well rested, stretched out, ready to train, does not mimic reality. Tough guy training, i.e. we are all super fit and ready to fight, again, this has little to do with real violence and the average person. We must test our techniques in ways that imitate real life as much as possible. We must use psychological understanding of fear and violence. We must understand the unpredictability of a real attack. We must study real cases, real people, understand terrorism, criminals, gang fighting. All this must be added to our curriculum. For when the real attack comes, as it has now, we don't want to be in need of cover ups, excuses and lies. 

Train truthfully, live truthfully.

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