Family Training
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

June 3, 2015

We often hear lines about "the family that prays together stays together" and other such things. All good, all great. But we need more.

Today we face violent crime, we face home invasions. But imagine if one or  two home invaders, (bastard criminals) faced a family of black belts?

Imagine a family that trained in Krav Maga like the Gracie family of Brazil trained in Jujitsu. Imagine a family were learning to walk was followed by learning to kick, by learning to fight off an attacker with a knife?

Would this ruin the family's sense of peace? I imagine that, as with the Gracie's the kids would see it as fun family time. They would wonder why their friends aren't having the fun that they are.

Sounds strange? Well there was a time when the idea of the entire family learning to read and write also sounded strange. There was a time when books were considered inappropriate for women. There was a time when it was thought a woman did not have the intelligence to vote.

Do you want to follow the pact or actually think this one out?

 A recent report on home invasions reads..."once they encounter the inhabitants of the home they usually employ overwhelming force until the inhabitants are subdued or incapacitated."

But what if the entire family fought back? What if your beautiful teenage daughter was an expert at Krav Maga and had developed a warrior mindset rather than an iPhone/shopping mindset?

Perhaps you think it is not worth the effort.

This comes from a report recently sent to me by one of our instructors, "The two daughters, who had been raped during the home invasion and were bound in the upstairs bedrooms, died in the fire."

Horrific. I think we all agree on that. So what are you going to do about it?

Still have no time for Krav Maga? Is personal safety still on the bottom of your priority list? What kind of a family are you raising?

Think about it.

Family Plan

Each family should have a plan how to handle an attack, a home invasion, or an attack while in the car, mall etc.

Just as we have fire drills in school, we should have safety drills at home.

Every member of the family should know what to do and what is expected of him: one for all and all for one.

For example, imagine an armed thug bursts into the house. The family's eight year old girl escapes out the back door. The family is not worried because they know exactly where she will go, they have rehearsed this scene many times.

She reaches the neighbors and they call the police who arrive in minutes. Without this what could have happened is a long ordeal of torture resulting in eventual rape and death.

You need a plan. You need preparation.

You must study the field of home security and see what is best for you environment and situation.

Some experts advocate having firearms. I will leave that topic aside. Personally I believe in keeping handy several improvised weapons around the house and of course the best weapon is yourself; your spirit, your knowledge, your training.

Family training in Israel. You do not need to be an MMA champion.

Your Training,


"...home invasions can be just as likely — if not more likely — to result in the deaths of their victims."

When it comes to your family, your children, yourself, there is no time to mess around with fancy techniques. Do not be fooled by what you see in the movies. Do not be led astray by cool videos on Facebook or YouTube.

If your life is not like the movies why would you think your self-defense should look like the movies?

Lets return to reality.

Reality means you will not be wearing a traditional martial arts uniform, you will be tired, terrified, and trembling. You will be disoriented, distracted and distraught. All you will have at your disposal are simple, instinctive gross motor moves.

Therefore IKI Krav Maga consists solely of such moves. We say for any technique to be included in our style it must meet three requirements.

Easy to learn

Easy to apply in many situations

Easy to remember. should be recalled that despite complying with the invaders' demands for money, members of the Petit and Savopoulous families were ultimately killed and their homes set on fire.

Therefore know this; giving in is not always an option. Our members in IKI South Africa know this.

You may have no choice but to defend yourself. You and your family should be training, NOW, in the most effective system you can find.

Low-income, middle-income and upper-income individuals and their families are all vulnerable to home invasion robberies. Victims of home invasions are liable to be seriously hurt or killed, even if they comply with the invaders' demands. Despite this bleak picture, there are ways to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a home invasion robbery, as well as measures that can be taken to mitigate the danger if one occurs.

Take the steps now. Home security and Krav Maga.

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