Father of Disappointment
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

October 23, 2018, Frogner, Norway

Moshe Katz explaining IKI Krav Maga concepts in Oslo, Norway

A wise man once told me, "Expectation is the father of Disappointment". 

On one hand we believe in the Unlimited, the sky is the limit, in fact the sky is not even the limit, the world is unlimited. There is no end to the wonders of this universe.  A man can live a thousand lifetimes and yet not even scratch the surface of the wonders of creation.

However when dealing with our daily lives, with the people we encounter, we must learn to be realistic in terms of our expectations. One who is expecting a prompt reply to all e mails, one who is expecting prompt payment, one who is expecting others to care as much as he does, will invariably be disappointed on a regular basis. 

Work hard, keep your promises and over-deliver, but never make the mistake of expecting the same from others. Expectation gives birth to disappointment. 

Let's apply this in a practical sense to self defense training, to Krav Maga. 

Most martial arts will fail in a real life situation. Pride precedes a fall; most martial arts are based on unrealistic expectations of what we, the average person, can do in a real life stressful situation. Our expectations are generally unrealistic. 

If we are honest, if we really put ourselves in the shoes of a person facing real fear and danger, we will realize that most/all of what we have learned will be like tools in a locked toolbox: inaccessible. 

Over the years of teaching seminars worldwide I am constantly astounded by what intelligent people are taught to believe and what they accept as truth. Often after our seminar they will walk out, as one participant said here recently, with a "new perspective, a healthier perspective".

We take a more humble approach and reduce the expectations of what we can actually do in a real life situation. Rather than be shocked and disappointed in a real encounter we humbly admit beforehand, during the training, that our abilities are far lower than those guys in the martial arts movies. We are only human. We base our techniques and our training on these lower expectations. 

We use only the most basic, simple and instinctive techniques, for that is all we will have at our disposal in a real situation. 

We rather recognize our true abilities now than "real time". And thus we can focused on techniques that actually work for us rather than against us. 

This has proven itself time and time again in the harsh test of reality.

Stay Safe.

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