Fear Talking
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

May 2, 2017, Israel

Walter turns to the Dude and says, "Man, that's just the stress talking".

We have to realize what part of us is talking, what part of us is truly thinking and what part of us is just reacting.

Is it the stress talking? Is it the fear talking? Or is it the calculated voice of reason?

When we get upset we say things like, "The hell with this, the entire project is cancelled, over and out."

In the Seinfeld comedy series George walks out on his job while rebuking his boss. The next day he is sitting withe Jerry trying to consider his career options. He realizes that in a moment of anger he made a bad decision. Jerry turns to George, "You didn't really think this out, did you."

How many life decisions were made this way?

Is it the booze talking? Is it the fatigue talking? Who is speaking for you? Who is making your life decisions?

In the Karate Kid Mr. Miyagi tells Daniel San that he cannot make a decision on an empty stomach. This is sound advice, certain decisions need a well rested and well fed person. The time of the day and our level of fatigue and stress affect our decisions. Sometimes we wake up and say...what was I thinking?

We have to be careful. Man, that's just the stress talking. Who is doing the talking, have we really thought this through?

Fear can do some terrible talking for us. Should I sign up for this course? Should I register for law school? should I put a down payment on a house?

Should I join a Krav Maga class? Should I take a chance and date this person who really likes me?

If it is Fear talking than the answer to all of the above will be no. Years ago I was advised to embrace the future, not fear it. But too many of us fear the future. And we put Fear in the driving seat.With Fear in the driving seat we never leave the driveway or the parking lot.

John Lennon asked his band-mates, where are we going boys? and they all answered, "To the top", "to the toppest top", and they did. The power of willing to try.

Sometimes we speak with two voices, we speak with heart and the mind. Or we speak with fear and with pain. We have to clarify who is in control of the decisions; fear, anxiety, fatigue, stress or clear thinking.

Sometimes we are very happy and excited and make decisions that we cannot keep, we over estimated our abilities. More often we are held back by fear, stress, trauma and anxiety and we never fulfill our dreams.

I have seen IKI members make dreams come true, open their own schools, travel to Israel and reach their goals. Embrace the future, do not fear it. Do not put Fear in the driving seat.

The author, a few years ago....

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