Feeling Proud
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

September 24, 2015, EL AL Business lounge, Ben Gurion Airport, Israel

Sitting in the business lounge in Israel's beautiful airport. I feel proud of many things. I feel proud that Israel has a world class airport. It is named for our first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, who had a dream, and that dream has largely been fulfilled. Through hard work, idealism, and dedication, we have build a country we can be proud of.

I feel proud that I am sitting here. Thirty years ago I was asked to teach a small group of kids in the neighborhood; Naftali, Shaviv, Avi, Zvi, Aryeh and soon the first girl, Bat Sheva. Today, so many years later, I am a 6th dan black belt, internationally recognized with an international following.  I have reason to be proud. 

I have trained US special forces and Ukrainian national guards, German commandos, pilots and flight attendants, but that is not what this blog is about.

It is about a radio talk show i heard on the way to the airport today, that truly made me proud of Israel.

Israelis have always been known as blunt, uncouth, in your face. There is a certain honesty to this but over the years we have learned to be a little more polite, while still being blunt.

There was, as always, a heated political debate on the radio. Accusations of corruption, favoritism, etc.

And the host, this wise woman, says..."There is room for legitimate disagreement. There is room for legitimate political differences, but there is no room for name calling or insults. We can conduct ourselves in a civil way."

She elaborated on the difference between exposing poor performance on the job and name calling. The difference between courteous and fair legitimate disagreement on politics, and mud slinging in an attempt to discredit someone without actually proving he did anything wrong.

When one man severely criticized another she said, "Have you ever actually met him?"

I was inspired.

Now we have to make the same mature adjustment, adopt the same growing process in the Krav Maga world in particular and in the martial arts world in general. 

I experienced that years ago at Dr. Jerry Beasley's Karate College, a true camaraderie of martial artists ranging from point sport Karate to Full contact MMA, all were respected.

I truly believe in our techniques but that does not mean I do not see other legitimate styles. Either way, I respect sincere people who really want to help others. We can always debate our differences of opinion.

IKI is proud to be a recognized world leader in Krav Maga and a member of the brotherhood of decent martial artists. 

Israel, A Nation of Warriors
By Moshe Katz

The story of a fighting nation, from the days of Father Abraham to our own times. What makes a fighting nation? 

Told from the perspective of living in Israel, growing up with terrorism, seeing the beginning of international terrorism starting with his own family!! (The Berkowitz's from Buffalo, New York) to his brother and nephew serving in IDF combat units, Moshe tells the story from a first hand perspective. Recounting the heroic deeds of his Paternal ancestor Pinchas (Phineous) and his Maternal ancestor King David, Moshe tells the story as a personal experience.

The full story 

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Israel, A Nation of Warriors

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