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Five days training camp in Israel - Pure Krav Maga

Following the success of our regular Tour and Train program we have added an additional program, Five Days of intensive Krav Maga training, without any touring.  This will include over 3 hours each morning, a lunch break, 4 hours each afternoon, and two evening sessions, (Sunday and Wednesday). 


November 21 - November 25, 2021 Five Day Training Camp Now registering participants         

June 19 - June 23, 2021 Five Day Training Camp  Now registering participants

Topics - The Latest, most up to date Krav Maga!

Hand to Hand Defense - Defense vs all types of empty handed strikes.

Chokes and Grabs - Never be unprotected against these horrible attacks.  

Guns - Defense vs a gun being at you.

Long Weapons - Defense vs Rifles, shot guns.

Knives Defense vs. Knife Attacks and Knife threat, learn from real life cases. 

Sticks, Clubs, Improvised Weapons  -  Defense vs. being beaten with a stick, a club, a broom. 

Ground Defense - Defense when you are on the ground, anti rape.  

Confined Spaces - Attacked while being stuck in a corner, an elevator, any small space, your office. 

In and Around the Car - In your car, in the parking lot, one of the most common places to be assaulted. Protect yourselves and your children.

Airplane Defense - Remember 9/11, know how to deal with hijackers and terrorists.

Hostage Situations - Learn to defend against being taken hostage, or how to rescue a hostage.

Against the Wall - Pushed against the wall, punches, knives, guns. 

Never be unprotected. Never be unprepared.

Open to all levels.

All are welcome regardless of style, affiliation or background.



$100, non refundable

The cost for this five day training is $490 per person.

This includes 1 T shirt, PayPal fees, all taxes and currency exchange fees. 

 Package Deal

Package Deal includes all Training, Airport pickup and drop off, daily lunch, lodgings (7 days, private room in house, Air conditioning, Wifi, laundry service)   $986

$986 includes all of the above, plus Paypal fees, taxes, and currency conversations fees, plus 1 Krav Maga T shirt. and one DVD. 

Five Day training group, November 2019

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