Freedom Taken for Granted

October 10, 2023, Hamburg, Germany


The Lion of Judea has been awakened, watch out!

I arrive at the airport in Hamburg, Germany. I will be connecting to Munich for my El Al flight back home. Most airlines have cancelled their flights to Israel, but not El Al. Some changes will be made but we will arrive home to Israel. I want to be back home; it is a time of war and there is no place I would rather be. As I am let out of the car, I see a family getting out of their car as well. A young family, I see a mother with her sweet little children. She is holding their hands and rushing them a little, eager to get them to the sidewalk and out of the street. I look at them. A young family, small innocent children, and I think of the children in Israel. I think of the little children that live near the border with Gaza, I think of their mothers. I think of them being fired at, I think of them being grabbed from their screaming shrieking mother and being taken away to Gaza, to Hamas land where very few come back alive. I look at these sweet innocent children and I think of our children, being snatched away by a cruel horrible enemy. As I grabbed my suitcase and glance at these children, I think of how their parents probably take this freedom for granted. Do they realize how precious freedom is? Do they realize that freedom should never be taken for granted? Can they imagine a cruel enemy coming and taking their children away?

Most of us cannot. And that is why we do not prepare. That is why we do not train. That is why we like to live with the illusion that all is well and that our little children are safe. No one is safe. If only we realized how quickly we could lose everything, everything!

There are people in Israel right now who are dreaming of their children. They wake up in the morning and hope that perhaps it was all a bad dream, that their children are in the next room, sound asleep in their little beds, that all is as it was, as it should be. But then it dawns on them, no, their children are not here at home, they are...somewhere deep in Gaza, or they were already murdered. Forty Israeli babies were murdered, decapitated. The parents wake up and realize that it was not a nightmare, it is their new reality.

There are men whose wives and children are being held in Gaza, others whose children are confirmed dead. Every day more photos appear on the news, "body located, confirmed dead". For others it is still "missing, fate unknown". 

A man who is hungry does not take food for granted. A man who has seen death does not take life for granted. A people who has seen their families scattered and torn does not freedom for granted. We need to fight for freedom. We need to train to protect our freedom. 

Israel was caught by surprise, instead of training in Krav Maga people went to parties. Israel became too much of a "Club Med" society with young people taking their freedom for granted. Holding a party just hundreds of meters from some of most evil people on the planet? Five thousand people protected by thirty lightly armed police officers? We let our guard down. 

But now we have been reminded, and now the Lion of Judea is fighting back with a ferocity we have not seen in a long time. Vengeance is mine says the Lord of Hosts and Hell is coming down upon the evil residents of Gaza. 

My message in this blog is PREPARE. Remember that Freedom is not free and should never be taken for granted. I see those sweet little children with their mother in Germany and I wonder if their mother ever thought of the possibility that someone would come and forcibly take them away, is she prepared? Are you prepared?

Do not wait until the day after your children have been harmed. Prepare now. and pray that that day never comes...but if it does, you will fight back like a lioness protecting her cubs. 


Moshe Katz, 7th dan Black Belt, Israeli Krav Maga. Certified by Wingate Institute. Member Black Belt hall of fame, USA and Europe.

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