Future Past
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

April 15, 2016, King David Lounge, Ben Gurion airport, Israel

We look at the past and we are very judgmental. We say how could they not see that coming? How difficult was it to predict that Hitler would bring massive destruction to the world? Why did the world leaders not prevent World War Two, after having already experienced War World One?

Why did the Soviets not anticipate the German attack?

Why did the USA take so long until they joined the war, reluctantly?

We have many questions but few answers.

Historians will self righteously point to writings that should have warned us. Hitler laid out his plan quite clearly in a published work!! You do not need to be a super spy to know the future when someone publishes his works on the open market.

We can find letters of warning to the president of the USA that the Japanese are planning an attack, that they are on their way, that the attack is imminent. And yet....we cannot understand why no action was taken. We are baffled. How was the USA caught totally by surprise?

And we are stupid, very very stupid.

We are stupid because we are making the same exact mistakes, all the while laughing at those fools from the past. We are the greater fools.

We see Europe being invaded by a dangerous enemy. The enemy does not hide their goals. We see the massive destruction that will surely come, we see the results already, we see a society being destroyed from within. And what do we do? We say Welcome, we must be more tolerant. Why? Perhaps because Europe has not fully recovered from their past guilt and shame, 1,800 years of state sponsored anti-Semitism culminating in the Holocaust. Perhaps now they bend over backwards to prove how much they have learned from the past, while they let a Trojan horse in the front door.

All over the world we see many dangers, mostly being ignored.  We are blind, and we cannot see the writing on the wall.

So I laugh and think how future generations will view us. Why did they not read the writings? books were published, speeches were made, the enemies goals were stated quite clearly, why did the world leaders not read those words?

And psychologists and historians will debate this matter in academia. And nothing will come of but some scholarly works.

Future generations will find "Prophets of doom" who wrote, preached and warned about these issues and they will ask, as we ask of previous generations, why did so few heed the warning?

Future generations will read police reports; how every few seconds there was a violent crime, every few seconds a home invasion, a rape, a school shooting, an abduction, a shooting, a knife attack, etc. And they will ask, wonder and ponder: how? why? Why did people not take action? Why did they not learn to defend themselves? Why did they go like sheep to the slaughter?

How could this be? It was written about every day in the papers, it was reported in the news and yet....it went on, unstopped.

And then these future generations will read that some did offer a solution, they were known as Krav Maga instructors and they offered their services to the public at reasonable rates and yet their schools were nearly empty, many had to close. And these future generations will wonder...

Just as we look at the Great Fool, Neville Chamberlain, who thought he had appeased Hitler with a piece of paper, or Franklin D. Roosevelt who felt it was OK to abandon the Jews lest anyone bring up his own Jewish ancestry, future generations will look at us and ask the very same questions; how could they have missed this? It really wasn't that hard, in fact it was hard to miss. They will look at the political blunders we are making today. They will see the huge mistakes we are making on the international level, the national level and...the personal level.

And they will write books and try to understand us.

And we shall be known henceforth as the Foolish Generation. We have earned it.

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