By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International 

October 2, 2019, Hadassah hospital, Jerusalem, Israel

This blog was written in the hospital while I was taking care of my dear mother. She passed away peacefully on November 24, 2021. She is greatly missed

There is an old saying in the FBI, you can't out gangster a gangster. When I was training in Wing Chun Kung Fu my teacher said, never let the other guy chose his fight, for he will win. I am a little guy so I will fight the inside game where I am strong. I will not let you fight your long distance (tall guy) fight where I am at a disadvantage

The point is never try and beat someone at their own game, they have every advantage, you are starting at a losing position. And yet that is how many martial arts and self defense programs are taught. 

They are taught with the idea that you can outsmart a street thug, you can outgun a gangster, you can trick a professional trickster, you are counter attack better than they can attack.

But all this is false. 

If you are a karate guy, or an MMA fighter, never box a boxer, never try to out kick the taekwondo guy, do not fight against their strength.

On the street we must recognize a certain truth: The street thug, the gang member, has more real-life experience than you have. He attacks people for a living and for recreation or simply for practice. Even most police officers will go through a 25-year career and never pull out their handgun. The gang member does it every day. 

It simply annoys me to see Krav Maga instructors teaching techniques that are a response to the gang member threat or attack. It bothers me to see the "Hey man, take it easy" and then "surprising" the gang member. In what world would this be true? Certainly not in ours. 

We cannot out gangster the gangster, we cannot beat him at his own game, this is pure arrogance. But as my Kung Fu teacher said we can beat him at our game. We can reply with our own initiative. We can change the rules of the game.  We can have our own strategy and play our own game. Then we have a chance. 

We have a different approach, we change the game, we do not out gangster the gangster.

To find out how, come see me, or join IKI. 

Start thinking differently.

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