Getting Good At It
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

September 1, 2015, Business Lounge, Ben Gurion airport

I felt kind of proud of myself today. As I put my suitcase on the scale at the airport it registered 23 kilo. Exactly Twenty Three kilo, which is the amount allowed for each suitcase.

I felt proud, in a funny sort of way, because I judged it on my own, without the scale. I got it right, just by the feel of it.

I travel a lot, teaching Krav Maga seminars around the world. Airports are my second home...or first. With time I am getting good at this. I know what to do and where to go. In each airport I can find the Starbucks, the El Al terminal, the men's room..the right business lounge.

If we do something long enough...we get good at it. If we neglect it long enough we lose our skill, our touch.

I sometimes wonder...I know guys who are pilots and they do Krav Maga. I know guys who are all sorts of things and they do Krav Maga.  But I just do Krav Maga. I teach, I train, I watch, I analyze. And if you do something long enough you get good at it. You just can't help it. Talk to a guy who has been laying bricks for decades and you will be amazed at how much he has to say. And you thought there was nothing much to it.

Sometimes I wonder, that guy can fly a plane and does Krav Maga, but I can't fly the plane! But the difference is that my eyes are both on Krav Maga. So I pick up things that others do not. This is not the only thing that I do of course but it is my only "job". It is what focus on every day, day in and day out.

So I see more Krav students than most local teachers can imagine. I pick up the subtleties that the part time guys miss. I am not saying that everyone should do Krav Maga full time, certainly not, but the fact that I do...I pick up things that others miss.

When you do something long get pretty good at it. You notice the little things that others miss, and that makes all the difference. 

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