Getting it IKI Way
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International 

September 11, 2017, Georgia - Alabama

A key point for me is when our students "Get it"; when they understand what we are all about, when they see what makes us unique, what the underlying principles are, what separates us from all the other Krav Maga schools and associations. For if you do not get this you cannot possible appreciate what it is that we offer. 

Yesterday a new student attended our seminar, a fellow named Charlie, a complete novice to the martial arts. And while he is in good shape and youthful he is far past his prime; like many of us he is no longer 18 - 21.

I found his comments insightful.

He kept coming over to me and saying how simple the techniques are, how he is understanding how to implement them, how is all fits in with one theme and makes perfect sense. And then he said the key words, the clincher: this system is great for Everyday People.

Bingo! You got it Charlie, on your first day of training you understand what IKI Krav Maga is all about.

Courtney wrote to me after the seminar. She expressed how my stories and Biblical lessons really helped drive the point home, how it helped her understand the nature of self defense and needs to be done to succeed. 

She "got it". She understood the purpose of my stories.

Rob saw a little detail in one technique and admitted that until then he really did not believe in the technique, but now with my explanation, soft and gentle, he got it. 

I did not to beat anyone up to teach these life saving self defense moves. I did not need to raise my voice or show how tough and macho I am. They got it. 

At the airport the kind gentleman at the security notices the Hebrew writing on my T shirt and asks what it is, I say, "Krav Maga, I train security guards". He says, "I love it! A guy like you can be a Krav Maga instructor, that means it is for ALL of us."(he too is thin and not a body builder).

He got it! With our system it is not a fitness high energy bootcamp workout. No, that is not Krav Maga, this is about real world self defense.

We Are Real. 

And I very pleased when I see that people "Get it!

IKI Seminar, Georgia Mountain Krav Maga under the direction of Mr. Hal Herndon, people of all sizes, shapes and ages "getting it"

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