Getting Things Done
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

July 25, Johannesburg, South Africa

Yesterday I had the honor of promoting one of our members here to the next instructor level. There is a fee associated with this. I trust the guy and did not insist on immediate payment. During the next break, as we were all chatting and enjoying our coffee he was on his laptop. 

I figured he is a successful businessman and needs to check up on his business. Makes sense.

A few minutes later he said, "Done". 

What was done? instructor rank paid for. 

Wow. I did not expect that. Now there is a business lesson right there. People wonder; why are others successful while I am not? Why do others get all the breaks?

Well here is a lesson: Over deliver. Give them the WOW effect. That means give them such service that they say WOW, I am overwhelmed. 

Now this fellow took care of business right away. That is always good business. Do not pay someone three weeks late with an out of state post dated double endorsed check. Pay now. It is that simple. Pay now and you will see amazing results. You will see repeat business. You will see that people want to work with you. You will see people chasing you. (in a positive way)

Push people away with excuses and they will indeed leave. 

There are people who make things happen. 

There are people who watch things happen. 

They are people who are unaware that things have happened. 

Which kind of person do you think is most successful in life?

Just do it. Do you want to host a seminar? Set the date now. Do you want to start a business, get to work on it now. Stop pushing things off, that is not a habit of winners. 

I have been around enough winners to see habits; they are decisive, they do not make excuses, they are Doers, they get things done NOW, not later. 

They honor their word, they pay on time, they show up on time, they reward good efforts.

So many people go through life wondering why luck has never visited them. Well, sometimes luck only feels comfortable in certain environments.