Girls, Boys, Just want to have Fun

October 18, 2023, Israel


I recall a handgun, urban combat shooting course, I participated in many years ago. Our instructor, Miki El Hayani, told us, "Whenever I hear of a terrorist attack, I get down and do a set of pushups. I need to be stronger."

I took that message to heart, and I do the same. When we hear of an attack our response has to be to train harder, to be stronger, to be more dedicated. 

In previous generations the youth was raised differently. There was a passage where boys became men. There was warrior training for the youth. There was a time when the Boy Scouts was a standard rite of passage, you learned to live out in the field, to navigate, to fight, to survive. 

Those days have mostly passed, from Western society. But in the East, and in the Middle East, they continue. 

What I am about to say may come across as judgmental, but our goal is to learn, to teach, to spread useful knowledge. I saw a photo of a beautiful young woman dressed to party. Her family wrote, she just wanted to dance, to have fun, to live life to the fullest, to enjoy, but she was killed by terrorists at a dance party.

Yes, I know, this is tragic beyond words. But let us think for a moment. But first, a slight divergence to make my point. I recall a boxer who won a big event. His friends were ready to party, to celebrate his big victory, his championship. but he refused. He said while I am partying, drinking beer etc there is some young kid in the ghetto hitting a bag as hard as he can and planning to take my championship away from me. I can't let up,  I have to keep training

Now while we should balance our lives there is a point here. Remember, there is someone out there planning on hurting you. In some countries, that might be a terrorist training to kill you. In another country it may be someone planning on a home invasion, a kidnapping or simply a robbery or a mugging. While you are relaxing and taking it easy, someone is training hard to take what you value. That is the lesson. 

There was a song, Girls just want to have fun, and I thought of that title when I read that line...she just wanted to dance, to party and have fun. But the tragedy is that while we are seeking fun, the enemy is training hard. While our kids are in summer camp drawing rainbows, their kids, from the youngest ages, are learning hateful ideology, training in mock firearms, martial arts, and general toughness. We are becoming soft while they are training to kill us. 

This must change. 

The party held in Israel was advertised as a "Rave" (not sure what that means) and a peace party. The participants were mostly peace activists, and the party was held just a few hundred meters from Gaza, sitting ducks. The terrorist attack was apparently planned with this party in mind. (It was known well in advance). Call it irony that the victims of the Hamas Arab terrorists were those who believed in peace the most, those who protested on their behalf, those who felt the Israeli government and military were too right wing. Peace activists were gunned down in cold bold, raped, mutilated and some taken hostage. As the prophet said, Peace, peace but there is no peace

Girls (and boys) just want to have fun, but the terrorists, the criminals, the bad guys, are training hard. Training has to once again become part of our lives. 


Hamas summer camp for kids. 



Moshe Katz, 7th dan Black Belt, Israeli Krav Maga. Certified by Wingate Institute. Member Black Belt hall of fame, USA and Europe.

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