Going Out Coming In
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

September 2017, Georgia, USA

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"When you go out to war against your enemies..." (Deuteronomy 21, 10)

God gives us here the rules for dealing with captive females.

"And it shall be when you come into your land, that God has given you as your inheritance, you shall posses it and dwell within. You shall take of the first of the fruit of the land..." (Deuteronomy 26, 1)

God gives here the rules for living in the land, gathering the fruits, sharing with the poor, correct behavior by which to maintain society.

I feel there is much that can be learned that one Parasha, one segment that is read one week begins with When you shall go out to war, and the next one begins When you shall come into your land. Go out to war, come in to your land.

I believe there is a life lesson here. We all want peace and prosperity, we all want success. We want our fields and vineyards and large bank accounts. We want to enjoy the comforts of life. But before doing this we need to go out, out of our comfort zone. We have to go and battle our own demons and our enemies.

In the end we come home, to ourselves, we remain who we are but we are a better, more mature, version of ourselves; "And it shall be when you come into your land"  We are coming into our own, but in order to come home we must go out, out into the world, out into the unknown. We have to conquer our world, we need to conquer our fears.

We want peace and safety in our homes but to do this we need to go out and secure our borders, serve in the military, fight for freedom. We also need to leave our comfort zone and go into that smelly old Krav Maga gym. We need to conquer our fears. The Torah is teaching us here that the prerequisite for coming home, for having successful crops, peace and security, is the Going Out, going out to war, or our own personal war. We need to challenge ourselves, to stretch the limits of our imagination. Only then can we truly enjoy our peace and tranquility.

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