Good excuses 
by Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 25, 2020, Israel  

I woke up this morning; sounds like the opening to a Blues song, Well I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer..(or a coffee). Yes, one of those mornings where the Blues begin before you get out of bed. And I thought of Morgan Freeman, a man I greatly admire, and he was asked about race as a factor in success. He interrupted the interviewer very sharply, very abruptly with a big NO. He said, "It is a good excuse for not getting there". Mr. Freeman said we have many good excuses for not getting there, for not succeeding. This hit home. Yes, Mr. Freeman, you are correct.

Well I woke up this morning and I got myself a Coffee. Let it roll. I've got more challenges on my plate than I can reasonable handle, I can use them for good excuses for not getting there as Morgan Freeman said. But I will not. In fact I must get this blog done quickly so I can do my mothers' shopping as she is now homebound. 

I have a trip to prepare for, and many trips that due to Mr. Coronavirus are uncertain...."The future is uncertain and the end is always near" (Yes, the Doors, and my friend Morten does an amazing rendition of this song). Let it roll baby, roll. but at least I got up this morning and I got myself out of bed. There is still a future to work for. I prefer work over "good excuses".

"Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel", Yes, we have to stay focused on our goals. Keep your eyes on the road, keep a steady hand upon the wheel because we are still driving, we are still going somewhere. There are plenty of obstacles along the way, plenty of "good excuses" for not getting there as Mr. Freeman so wisely stated. We have Coronaman today, we have ever changing government regulations that make no sense, we have travel restrictions, we have random lockdowns...Let it Roll. We have to keep fighting. We can't give up.

So get to the dojo and train, get to the gym and pick up those weights, get down on the floor and do your pushups, and I pick up my guitar and say...we won't be fooled again.

Good Excuses, good reasons for not getting to where we said we are going. Train at home, do something. Mr. Freeman was born a poor man in a tough time, but he never made excuses. You have a goal, keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel. Let it roll. 

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