Good Start Bad Finish
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

September 18, 2016, Tennessee,USA

No one is born a criminal. No police officer starts off corrupt, no doctor goes to medical school for years with the hope of defrauding patients. And yet it happens


Dr Farid Fata was trained at Sloan Kettering cancer center. I have no doubt that he began his career with the best intentions. I have no doubt that when he took his oath as a doctor he saw himself as a healer, not as a businessman. And yet he not only robbed millions of dollars from patients and the insurance companies but his actions lead directly to the deaths of at least hundreds of patients.

How does such a thing happen?

I suppose at first one sees a small opportunity to "make" a little extra money. Perhaps suggest an expensive treatment that the patient may not really need. And then begins the slippery slope. What at first is unthinkable soon becomes habit. Stealing, fraud, manipulation becomes a way of life, a bad habit that one just can't kick.

At this trial the good doctor gave an emotional speech. Perhaps he truly regretted his actions, perhaps his old true self came back. Suddenly the truth hit him like a bolt of lightening....I lost my way!! How did this happen to me?

And yet this happens more often than we think. Baby sitters abuse children, teachers abuse their authority, and martial arts instructors became nothing but businessmen.

I have seen it happen, they start are pure of heart, they want to help people survive. And becomes nothing more of a business. Meetings no longer deal with techniques but with market shares and development strategies.

We all must make a living and there is great honor in making your living as a martial arts instructor, but remember Dr. Fata, do not let the profits blind your eyes, remember why you became a martial arts instructor in the first place. Stay true to your path.