By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

September 16, 2015, Israel

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. (Benjamin Franklin)

We all want guarantees in life. We want to know that our parents will always love us. We want to know that our friends will never betray us. We want to know that our colleagues will not stab us in the back.

We want many things.

We want to know that our home is safe from invasion. We want to know that we will pass the course. We want to know that our marriage will work, that our loved ones will never leave us.

We want to know that our friends will not die on us too soon.

But none of this is true. And there are no guarantees of any sort, only that some day you will die and you will have to pay some taxes. Death is is a question mark.

So do not expect guarantees in Krav Maga either. But we will do our best, our very best to help. We will train hard, we will spare no expense, we will investigate every situation you ask about, and those that you never thought of. We will try everything full force and full resistance, but then we guarantee nothing.

I can only guarantee that we will do our best.

My teacher of many years, Itay Gil, never claimed to be a humble man. In fact that was not even a virtue he was striving for, just the opposite. But he was always honest, deadly serious and honest.

He fought hard with us, we paid our dues. For eighteen years I fought full-contact three times each week; Kickboxing, Muay Thai, BJJ and MMA. I have seen the insides of more than one hospital. We train honest.

But even Itay never gave us any guarantees. There are no guarantees, in life, or in self-defense. A random made up technique...might work. An experienced black belt...might fail. But, what he always stressed was...improve your chances. "Chance favors the prepared" (Louis Pasteur)

What Louis Pasteur meant was that, put in a Krav Maga perspective, while life is unpredictable, a prepared person will seize opportunities, he will see opportunities where others do not. That is why you must train in Krav Maga. Being tough is not enough. Skill matters. When everything goes to hell your training will matter, so train correctly.

We have no guarantees, even the best techniques, someone might see it coming, someone might be nervous and turn the other way. Human reactions can be sudden and unpredictable. That is why it is so easy, and so unfair, to mock the techniques of another style.

We can all make our techniques look great, and we can all take someone else's techniques and make them look ridiculous. But that is simply not fair. Our goal is never to mock any technique or style, only to find what works best for the average person.

At IKI we try our very best to be honest. We tear every technique apart, our own and those of other associations. Of course we stick with what we believe to be the best but if we found something "out there" that was better, by God we would use it!

Your life matters much more than our desire to say "see, I was right". No, all that matters is that we give you the best chance of getting home safe. There is no room here for ego, none at all.

IKI Panama, an excellent gun defense. You can challenge this technique all you like. It has proven itself. These women train with IKI Instructor Ricardo Guevara.

Welcoming New Instructors

At IKI we have a mission. We are on a "mission from God" to quote the legendary Blues Brothers. We are seeking potential instructors who are not only able and willing to learn our IKI Krav Maga system but also people of character.

Our Goals

To train everyone who is interested in training.

To provide training that is easy to learn, easy to retain and easy to apply.

To create an environment where no one is bullied or put down.

To provide an environment of respect. Insults of any kind will never be tolerated.

Bullying of students, challenging others or any such contact is not in line with the IKI principles.

To use avoidance, common sense, and situational awareness as our first and primary methods of self-defense. 

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