Hatred from the West
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

December 23, 2017, Israel

The hatred came from the west, sometimes from the east, but it comes, the hatred comes and it does not stop, sometimes from here and sometimes from there.

At night it comes back, the hatred is there, the hiding, in the Achterhuis, behind the fake closet, in the forest, in the bunker, and the hatred comes from the West.

And the hatred always comes, it never ends, waves and waves, sometimes from here and sometimes from there.

Listening for footsteps, listening to how the wind blows, what messages does it bring?

And the hatred, it comes. Never forget this.

Ah but things change, so tell us the Fools. And the "United Nations" unite against the nation of Israel, as they have in the past, they are united in their hatred.

And the rabbi speaks the truth to his people, there is only hope when you live by the words in this ancient scroll. Do not lean on the promises of others.

Generations come and go, and the faith is passed on, to those who hold strong.

And the hatred comes, and those who had not fled...

And the world forgets and denies, and many hope and wait for their next opportunity. The haters are waiting and biding their time, do not fool yourself, they are waiting, and planning.

And the hatred, it comes...

So hear the voice of Mattethias the high priest, and listen to the words that were engraved from Sinai, and understand the nation that dwells alone and among the peoples of the world is not considered.