here there krav maga

September 1, 2022, American Airlines flight 1044, VPA - Dallas Fort Worth, USA

Flying There begins Here. There is wisdom on napkins if you know what to look for. 

We all begin Here. We all have a starting point. Our lives, our experiences, our journeys. We start Here and we continue There. I am on the road, another Krav Maga tour, I have been doing this for about 18 years now. Krav Maga has taken me places I never would have imagined. I have gone beyond my borders. I have traveled outside the box and like the coffee on the flight the flavor changes with every additional ingredient. 

I am here to teach but I am always learning I sit with older gentlemen, men who have lived long lives, men who have served and worked abroad. And I listen. I hear how a young "latch key kid" punk became a soldier and an international business traveler. I hear how people from humble backgrounds have achieved the American Dream through hard work and perseverance. I listen, I absorb, I learn. I begin Here but I am flying There. I am learning to enjoy the journey, seeing small town USA and meeting The People, in their homes, in local diners away from the tourist sites, in small family owned coffee shops over a cup of coffee. My perspective changes. My understanding grows and this is reflected in my personal Krav Maga. Like me, like my journey, my Krav Maga is not static.

Krav Maga is a never ending work of art, a painting in perpetual development. Another flight and the journey continues. My students, my friends, have rich personal stories to share, police officers, security guards, prison guards, military veterans, survivors of personal assaults and violent crime, women who were abused and are no teaching self defense to others.

I see how our training changes lives and empowers young and old. Each student has a lesson to teach, a story to share. 

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