How to Learn Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

How to Learn Krav Maga effectively, retain what you learn and be able to use it.

I am sure you have heard the advertisements;

Have you always wanted to lose weight but found it impossible, no matter how many diets you tried?

or, have you always wanted to learn a new language, bought books, tapes, videos but ...always failed?

or, have you always dreamed of having your own business?

and then of course...Well with our revolutionary method your dreams can come true!

But usually it is just another con artist wanting to separate a fool from his money. After all, he reasons, you are stupid enough to give your money to those guys, why shouldn't I get my share?

So of course if I tell you the same thing you may very well put me in the same category. And of course, I understand, why should you believe me.

But, I am speaking the truth. My approach is simple, and it works, and it has proven itself. But I will leave that decision to you.

Moshe Katz teaching US Special Forces

I am not going to provide you with a list of testimonials, although I could, but so could many others. It means nothing. Anyone can get a list of testimonials, real or fake, it means nothing unless you know those people personally.

I can provide you with a list of people I have taught; military forces, police units, etc, but that too is meaningless. Honestly those guys do not understand Krav Maga or self defense and can be easily fooled. I have seen plenty of horrible "self defense" being taught to military and police. The fact that an instructor has taught a police unit means absolutely nothing other than the fact that he has connections.

Some of the worst self defense training I have ever seen is what is bought by the government, the police and the military. So I will not bore you with my highly impressive credentials.

I taught Krav Maga for years to the kids in my neighborhood. And then when I taught the US military suddenly people noticed me. I was teaching the same thing, only the kids did it better. I raised a generation of Israeli kids who all served their country honorable in the IDF. (Israel Defense Force).

Try not to be fooled by the cool ads and fancy talk.

So what will I tell you? The simple truth, and then you can judge for yourself. And if you decide to train with us, you are most welcome.

Here we go.

Do you remember your password for your Facebook account?
Sure you do.

Do you remember your passport number by heart?
I am guessing not.

Why? Odds are you log on to your Facebook account often. Odds are you rarely have to recite your passport number by heart.

These days we must have passwords to enter our e mail account, our Facebook account, LinkedIn, Twitter, bank accounts, Amazon account, our telephone bill account, to view our health records and test results. We need a PIN code to withdraw money or make a purchase. We need access codes to get our phone messages, add minutes, access our frequent flyer account.  Getting the picture?

OK. Now some passwords you remember by heart and some you do not. This is a fact. If you can recite by heart every single password to all your accounts you are a rare individual and should work for the government.

Now until recently we pretty much used the same password for lots of things, say Moe041278, our name and date of birth. Or we used our kids names and birthrates.  When my dad died my mom gave his MLB ( Major league baseball) account (to view baseball games) to whoever wanted it. Thus the entire community knows my mom's middle name and her birthday. Kind of awkward for me.

But now with all the hacking we are told that our password must be;
A. Long and complicated, not easy to guess, and
B. Unique for each one of our accounts. Never use the same passwords twice.

Now that makes it very difficult to remember each one. And we are told "No not write this down" "Do not carry your PIN in your wallet or purse along with your card".

Great, so when I am in Starbucks in Germany, running late for my flight, stressed out, I need to remember my code (and I have 3 credit cards) and not make a mistake. If I make a mistake, Bam! my account is blocked, Abroad with no money! Stress.

But what if we were allowed to have only 3 or 4 passwords and we could use those for hundreds of accounts, Facebook, e mail, banks, health records, etc?

Then for sure we would never forget it. Why? Because we are using it all the time.

It is the same with Krav Maga.

Say we have 40 self defense situations. And for each situation you must memorize a self defense move/sequence composed of at least 8 steps, and each self-defense move must be entirely unique. (Like our passwords)

Now some of those situations you will only encounter rarely just as some passwords we use less often. We do not use our passport everyday.

So when it comes time to use that self defense move, under extreme stress, what are the odds that you will remember it and perform it effectively?

The correct answer: Slim to none, and I am being optimistic here.

Again, right now, how many of your passwords do you remember by heart?

So with self defense, take 40 situations, some of which you encounter very rarely, and you have 40 complex, unique and multi-step moves to memorize. What are the odds that you will be able to use them effectively in the moment of truth?
Slim to none, you are a goner my friend.

But the situation gets even worse. In real life there are far more than 40 self defense scenarios, far more, in fact the number is limitless!!

How can you prepare for a limitless number of possible attacks?

How many moves can you memorize?

That is why the vast majority of martial arts fail in real life. They are not suitable for the reality of the situation.

So what is different about IKI Krav Maga?

We take the old method of using only a few simple passwords. Now I do not suggest you use this approach for your actual passwords, I do not want you to get hacked, but for Krav Maga, this works.

We can prepare you for a limitless number of gun threats by teaching you about three or four different moves. Yes, that is it! We take less than a handful of moves and show you up to apply that to nearly any situation one might encounter; on the street, in your bedroom, on the plane, in your car. We teach you to use simple concepts to defend yourself,


In a bar, in car, when the attacker is near, and when he is far.
When you are up, or when you are down, when at home or in town.
We can teach you to defend yourself here, there and everywhere.

We teach the old, and the young, with a knife or with a gun.
From Australia and Brazil to Ukraine or up the hill.

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