IKI Krav Maga Instructor Process

Thank you for your interest. I truly believe that we are offering the most up to date, current, Krav training directly from Israel.

The steps to becoming a certified, recognized instructor.

1. Join IKI. Our membership dues are a fraction of that of other organizations. Please don't take this as an indication that we are offering less, just the opposite.  While standard membership dues (in  the industry) run up to $1,200 per month, our first year dues are $350, yearly renewal are even lower.

To sign up simply go to the following link. 

IKI Membership

There are several options for First Year Membership. Chose the one that suits you best and just click on that, and you are a member.

2. Once you are a member you will get use of the IKI logo for your schools use. You will also receive your membership certificate in the mail within a few days.

3. Upon joining you will start receiving e mails with short, easy to follow, training clips. You can also request clips for specific situations as you need them. 

4. We have a few DVDs, modestly priced; it is strongly recommended that you purchase these. It will greatly speed up your process of learning and becoming an instructor.

5. There are two ways to go; if you are a beginner you will start by testing for colored belts, each belt test, which I review myself, costs $35. I review the clips you send me, make comments, and help you progress. If you are already an instructor in another style you can begin training for your "Apprentice Instructor" test. The fee for this test is $150. (Most krav organizations charge between $3000 and $5000), It will include a sample of you performing IKI techniques (please do not show us techniques you learned elsewhere), including gun, knife, stick and empty hand defenses. Once you are an IKI Apprentice Instructor you can be listed on our site and advertise yourself as such.

IKI Apprentice Instructor is not a full instructor or a Grand Master. It simply means that you have proven to me that you grasp what IKI is doing and that you are faithfully and accurately passing on IKI Krav Maga Techniques. A Phase One diploma is not a license to teach what you had previously been teaching elsewhere. It is not a rubber stamp. Rather it indicates that you have proven to me that the techniques I am teaching you have been fully understood and appreciated by you, and that you have the ability to pass these on to your students.


Rules for Instructors

The IKI Logo is for the benefit of all IKI instructors but there are some rules we need to make clear.

You may

Print banners and business card with IKI logo

Print stationary with the IKI logo.

Print invoices with IKI logo.

Use the IKI logo for your website

Use the IKI logo for advertisement.

Use the IKI on your school.

You May not

Print T shirts or other merchandise using the IKI logo unless you have arranged this with IKI Administration – Head office.

Print diplomas or any rank certificates using the IKI logo unless you have arranged this with IKI Administration – Head office.

Issue any rank without the approval of Moshe Katz. (each instructor level is entitled to promote up to a certain level).