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Jakub Filip Wasilewski

Jakub Filip Wasilewski, Full Instructor 2023  (photo from Apprentice instructor 2019)

Jakub is a dedicated Krav Maga instructor who truly understands and appreciates the IKI system. This he passes on with devotion to his many students. In May 2023 he was promoted to Full Instructor and in December 2022 Jakub was promoted to 2nd dan Black Belt in IKI Krav Maga. Jakub is an experienced instructor with many years of Krav Maga, Filipino Martial Arts and self-defense systems training and teaching.

Jakub has attended many IKI seminars throughout Europe and has hosted on in Warsaw. 

Jakub specializes in stick and knife combat as well as street fights and self-defense systems.

Contact: AL ASAD Self Defense Academy https://www.facebook.com/Al.Asad.Selfdefense.Academy/