Frequently Asked Questions About IKI Membership

Question: As far as class curriculum goes are there requirements regarding how classes should be run (aside from the obvious safety precautions)?

Answer: No. You are free to devise your own classes format. We will be happy to assist you.

Question: Do you “protect” a certain geographical area’s for the individuals you certify in Krav Maga, or is affiliation with your organization open to other schools that could be in direct competition with each other?

Answer: Yes, we do protect our certified schools. If anyone from a nearby area to you wants to join, I will consult with you first, and only do that which works best for you. We will not have competition, only cooperation.

Question: Do you require that there is an entirely separate class specifically designated for Krav Maga?

Answer: No, up to you, either separate class, or just integrate the techniques in your existing classes.

Question: Do you require my students to become members of IKI (Israeli Krav International) and/or pay a fee to do so?

Answer: No, up to you, or them  We do encourage your more advanced students to join IKI, and all Black Belts and instructors are expected to join the on line program. 

Question: As far as ranking goes; I would like to obtain rank in Krav Maga, however, many of my students do not have an interest in rank, just in training. Would this be a problem being in IKI?

Answer: No problem, ranks are up to you. Totally optional.

Question: How would people obtain rank in Krav Maga if they choose to?

Answer: Either testing with Moshe when he comes to for a seminar, Or, via video clips. If the instructor is certified with IKI he/she can offer ranks according the IKI guidelines. 

Question: Do you provide a rundown of requirements / expectations regarding ranking and testing, so I can make sure we are covering the material needed?

Answer: Yes, it is all on the website.

Question: Would I (and/or my students) be able to attend one (or more) of your seminars when you come to the U.S. or are the seminars private?

Answer: Seminars are organized by either schools, colleges, or community centers, whoever organizes the seminar makes the rules. Sometimes a martial arts school will organize one and they usually charge for participation. 

Question: Do we have to wear IKI Krav Maga T shirts or gi's or can we wear our own T shirts?

Answer: It is up to you. We don't have gi's, but we do have IKI T shirts, we hope you like them and encourage you to wear them..

Question: Must we use IKI diplomas or can we continue to use our own diplomas?

Answer: For ranks in IKI Krav Maga you will need IKI diplomas.

Question: Am I obligated to sign a long term contract?

Answer: No. You will never have to sign anything and you are under no obligation. You stay with IKI as long as it is to your advantage.

Question: This sounds too easy, and too inexpensive, what's the catch?

Answer: There is no catch. If you succeed, we succeed. We work on trust. If you are happy with us you will buy the T shirts and diplomas and DVD's and host seminars.

You will never be in a situation where you are making payments you cannot afford. This is a no - risk situation. If we succeed, we succeed together. Your risk is minimal and the potential for gain...enormous.

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