Illusion of Safety

February 26, 2024, AeroMexico Flight 657, Costa Rica - Mexico City

On the way to the seminar in San Rafael, Costa Rica, I noticed that the homes were very protected; spiked gates, barbed wire, heavy locks were the standard. I asked one of the students about the security and crime situation. He commented that the heavy protection just created the illusion of safety but provided no actual protection. He then went on to describe how he could easily get over all those obstacles such as the barbed wire, and he was a lawyer.

and that got me thinking, the illusion of safety. People spend a lot of money to full themselves. They go to great efforts to provide a facade, literally and figuratively, of safety, but in actuality there is no safety. He said, they sleep better at night knowing they have these gates, locks, spiked fences and barbed wire, but really, they know, it is only an illusion. 

And so it is with all of us; the illusion of safety. Is it so with our martial arts? This is a serious question we need to ask ourselves. Immediately following this discussion we began our seminar, the topic was "Defending against a Knife Attack on the Ground". I am getting on in the years and fighting on the ground against larger, more muscular, younger men armed with knives is not my favorite pastime, but I refuse to buy into the Illusion of Safety, and so, we took it full force. 

We took the worst situations, we tested every technique, I welcomed all questions and challenges, that is how to train. There are no Holy Grails, or Holy Cows, no scared techniques, everything can be questioned. All came away convinced including some massive body builders. 

We train for reality, not for illusions. We seek real self defense, not just the illusion of safety. 


Moshe Katz, 7th dan Black Belt, Israeli Krav Maga. Certified by Wingate Institute. Member Black Belt hall of fame, USA and Europe.

Understand the Israeli Fighting Mentality - Israel a Nation of Warriors by Moshe Katz


What is the cultural background of Krav Maga?  What makes it unique? What makes the Israeli military so effective? Why are Israeli security systems used all over the world?

What are the Biblical origins of Krav Maga and who was the first Krav Maga instructor?

What weapons and military strategies did our Biblical ancestors use?

How has Krav Maga developed in Israel and what are its goals?

All that and more in this unique book.

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