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October 29, 2021, Israel

Note: While the killer in this incident was an Arab I by no means mean to suggest that all the Arabs are like this. My experience with Arabs in the Israeli hospitals has been one of pure kindness and brotherly lone. I am grateful to all the Arab doctors, nurses and staff who have been so kind to my mother. 

This blog is about a different breed...

I am not making this statement out of a desire to be "Politically correct", I could not care less about that ridiculous concept. I am writing this out of genuine respect for the Arabs that I interact with. By no means should their goodness be tainted by the evil behavior of other Arabs. 

It is Friday morning, I have no time to write. But I will.

I have written enough blogs lately, I have fulfilled my "writer's urge" to write, no need to write more. But I will.

I have published more than a dozen books, I have no need to write more. But I will. 


I do not think many will hear the message, but in the off-hand chance that one more person will take up training, it is worth it.

Coffee ready, here we go.

I read the news today oh boy, about an unlucky woman who made the grave.

She went jogging in the forest.

She hadn't noticed that it was not safe.

I read the news today oh boy, about an Arab man who found a rock. 

He smashed her head to little bits, her blood was everywhere, now we know exactly how she met her death. I want to...

Yes, I am using an old John Lennon song "A Day in the Life" to make my point, John Lennon, a man who believed in peace but was gunned down in cold blood outside his own home. It is fine to Imagine a wonderful world of peace, but it is foolish to believe this nonsense. In the classic Beatles song Lennon hints that we all hear the news but different people hear it in different ways, "A crowd of people stood and stared". "A crowd of people turned away, but I just had to look"; but that he would "love to turn you on", i.e. explain it as he understands it. That is what I am trying to do. I'd love to turn you on to Krav Maga training.

Prepare for war!

So yes, I read the news yesterday, about a Jewish woman who went for a run in the forest. She was an athlete, she was fit. She is dead. An Arab spotted her, it was a crime-of-opportunity. It was not planned, just serendipity. 

He was caught and just now reenacted the scene to the Israeli investigators, they said he was filled with glee as he described how he murdered this woman, how she begged for her life, how she struggled but he, a man, was more powerful, and overcame her. 

You see, I am not interested in political correctness, just the truth, on the whole men are stronger than women, and even an untrained average male will usually be able to destroy a woman, even if she is an athlete. So a woman needs to learn skills; not sports, this is a not wrestling match with gender and weight categories, this is the brutal truth of real life violence.

Women, and men, must learn practical simple skills, based on gross motor moves, techniques and concepts that can be easily learned and easily retained and easily applied to diverse situations. That is what we teach. That is all we teach because we are interested in survival, nothing else matters. 

Years ago I made a decision. I had been training many styles, and I was teaching many styles ranging from Wing Chun Gung fu to Brazilian Jujitsu. I realized no one can learn all these styles unless they train full time. This is certainly not useful for the majority of the population. So I combined the best of all my knowledge into one Survival system, over a period of many years this emerged as IKI Krav Maga. Now it is a very simple system that can be learned in a relatively short amount of time. Recently one of our students in South Africa defended himself against a gun threat using a technique that he learned in his very first lesson here on Tour and Train. 

We learn from real-life cases that are happening now. This is not ancient history. We are not teaching Samurai techniques, as cool as that might be. We live in a tough reality. So here is what happened;

An Arab man went out to gather mushrooms in the forest. A religious Jewish woman also went to the forest, for a run.

He saw her and got excited. She was alone, unprotected, perfect. He began to chase her, she was an athlete, he threw rocks at her to slow her down. He caught her. He grabbed her. He grabbed both her hands from behind, he threw her down on the rocks. She was hurt and her head was split open. 

She cried, she screeched, blood curdling screams of terror and fright, crying for help and pleading for her life. "Es" fought for her life, she gave a good fight, she fought and she struggled. He sat on her forcefully, he placed his knees on her hands so that she could not resist. 

He lifted a large rock and hit her in the head, again and again, and again while she is screaming and bleeding. She was still alive, with her last strength, bleeding, he got up and dragged her by her feet into one of the bushes and threw her face down to the ground. He lifted a large rock, a boulder and smashed her skull, and then...Silence,

He went home joyfully to his family with the mushrooms that he gathered in the forest.

Now imagine yourself being in that situation, Imagine that!  Yes, I know it all sounds gruesome but take a moment and close your eyes and imagine yourself in that situation. Now imagine your loved ones in that situation. Now think about training to prepare for this. Think of a lifestyle change, think of starting your children with reality self-defense at a young age so that it becomes a part of their lives. Remember that boulder on the woman's head, Imagine that!

Her friends and family wrote, "Who could do such a thing?", to ask such a question reveals a total ignorance of the reality of life, a choice to deny facing the real world, a child-like innocence that has no place in our current situation. I will not mention her name, I am not trying to make gains at her expense. I want us to learn. 

She was a happy women, a social counselor, a wife and a mother of six. They say she brought joy wherever she went.

I know what we will work on during our next lesson, Sunday night. And I know that as usual attendance will be low, because I know, you are busy, there are other things that you must do. So you will not come to class. We will film it, we will make a vimeo, but I know, five dollars is a lot of money these days, so you will not purchase our Vimeo session, after all you can purchase a cup of Starbucks coffee with those five dollars.  We will record a short version of this for our On Line Krav Maga program, but I know, $18 per month is too much to spend on this training. 

So, good luck and be careful if you go for a run. May God have pity upon you because clearly your enemies will show no mercy. The killer was filled only with joy, laughter and glee as he returned home with his mushrooms. 

Have a happy day everyone.

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