Imperfect Conditions for Perfect Training
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

September 9, 2018, Jet Blue, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico - Fort Lauderdale

In the Caribbeans people suffer from harsh humidity. Those who grow up in this climate do adjust, to some extent, but they still seek the relief of air conditioning. For an outsider it is certainly a challenge. 

Humidity creates a climate where it is more difficult for me to move. I find that the sweat makes it more challenging for me to move freely and thus my movements are somewhat inhibited and restricted. For me this is an imperfect training environment, and therefore, it is a perfect training environment. 

To be honest I felt drained and tired during the long seminar. There was no air conditioning and it was a very hot and humid day. My physical and mental strength were drained, I felt very tired. And yet the seminar must continue. 

I felt that I wanted to avoid anything too complex, too taxing on my brain. I felt that I wanted to avoid anything that demanded too much of my body, and this was the perfect setting. This is what IKI is all about; imperfect people caught in imperfect conditions. And thus this is the perfect training environment. 

I stuck to techniques that I could do well under these conditions; simple gross motor moves, instinctive moves, moves that did not require a lot of extra movement. 

We need techniques that work when we are tired, when we are not feeling our best, when the climatic conditions are not what we want. We need techniques that we can be comfortable with in uncomfortable situations. This is what it is all about; surviving in Imperfection. 

Does life always go as we expect? hardly ever. But we must play the hand we are dealt. We must be able to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations, we must be able to create perfection in imperfect conditions. We must survive. That is what IKI is all about. We are the perfect style for imperfect people. 

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