Impressive defense systems 

May  28, 2021 

Sometimes it is nice being proven correct, and sometimes, well, you would prefer the situation never came up. This week two young men were stabbed at the train station in Jerusalem, not far from where we live. One of our students was there to witness it, thus we got a direct report from his father with the details.

When the media reports a stabbing they never provide useful information, for they are not interested in helping you, they want drama. So they never provided any useful details about an attack, details that can help us improve our training. Fortunately sometimes we are able to get first hand reports that help us improve our training. 

The report that came back from this one was: Moshe, this is exactly how you have been describing this all along, it happened just as you said it would. As always we will cover this technique on our On Line program and of course at our classes and seminars.  

The attack started and was over before anyone knew what happened. At first they thought the Arab had just accidently bumped into the soldier, but then they saw a large knife in his back. Other soldiers who happened to be at the train station began a chase and within a few moments this world had one less stupid teenager. As they said here, he was "neutralized". 

Before I came to develop IKI Krav Maga I trained for many years in many martial arts. I have no regrets, I have gained much for each and every one of them. I love the martial arts world, the spirit, the discipline. Gradually however, doubts crept in; I don't really believe this training will save my life when I need. The process of rediscovery and enlightenment began.

The attack usually begins, rather unexpectedly. Like a lion waiting in the thick grass and then pouncing on its prey the criminal or terrorist is waiting. He strikes like an animal. The surprise, the sudden movements, the bursting of hostile energy, it is all too much. There is no process here, it is everything all the time, and then it is over, so fast, just like that. There was no time for the mind to process what is going on. In the time that it takes you to read this one is over. Just like that. Life in the fast lane. 

Now if one survived he might say...I have trained for many years in (fill in the blanks), which is actually a very impressive self-defense system, given a chance I believe I could have defeated my opponent. But, it was all so fast, so sudden, that I was unable to deploy my superior fighting system, the one that I earned my black belt in. 

And here is my point; you may indeed have trained in a most impressive system, a fine system of fighting and self-defense, but the bastard here did not play fair, he did not give you a "fighting chance", he came out of nowhere, it came so fast that it was all over and you did not have any chance of deploying your impressive skills. All that training....waiting for this moment, and then....gurnish..nothing. 

And this leads me to our goal; a great system must include more than just techniques, as any one with real experience will tell you, those great techniques area great in theory only, unless you actually have the time to deploy them, which most likely you will not. Our system includes much verbal training, an understanding of the time period before the attack. This is much more than situational awareness. Our student was not harmed. He has not trained with us in many years, but he knew what to do. He saw the suspicious characters hanging around, he understood the danger and positioned himself safely behind a Plexiglas wall. He saw everything and lived to tell the tale. That makes his training a success. His trophy was going home to his family, safe and sound. That is a true victory. I am proud of him.

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