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August 30, 2021, Dalton, Georgia, USA

One of the first points I need to make when teaching new students is the foundation of self-defense. You must unlearn what you have seen in the movies, you must unlearn what the commercial Krav Maga schools have been teaching you via advertisements, choreographed Youtube videos and posters/flyers. 

You need to unlearn all that because it will undermine your training. With an incorrect foundation your new building will collapse when hit with the first strong wind. 

Let us begin with an example, an analogy. In kindergarten, or as soon as I was old enough to cross a street by myself, my mother taught me to Look both ways. Before you cross the street look to your right, make sure no cars are coming, then look to your left, then look again to your right to make sure nothing has changed. That is the wise way.

But what if someone came along and said, Hey Kid, don't be a whip, that is the weak cowardly way. Really? Yes, let me teach you the Bad Ass Tough Guy way. No more Whimpey advice from moms. I will train you to be fast, so that you can outrun the cars. And I will teach you to be tough and muscular, so that if the car does hit you, you can take the blow and be ok

Now clearly we can all see that this is foolish and suicidal advice. Yet that is exactly what many self defense schools are actually advocating, but it is camouflaged behind a wall of machismo. Being an Iron Man is nice, but it is hardly essential for being able to defend yourself. Yes, it is nice to have a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime, or Jean Claude Van Damme, but not only is that unrealistic for most people, it is totally unnecessary for self-defense and survival. 

Our style is based on clever moves using the strength you already have in your body. We do not depend on Strength, Speed, or Precision, those are the "Three Amigos", the three unreliable friends. We depend upon solid body mechanics and movements that are natural to our bodies. 

Fitness can certainly enhance our ability to defend ourselves but six pack abs will not stop the blade from going through you, nor will our muscular chest stop a bullet. You still need to learn solid logical self-defense techniques. 

Students are often amazed by the simplicity and effectives of our techniques and the ease by which they can be acquired. To fully understand, you need to participate and experience this for yourself. 

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