Is Krav Maga For Everyone?
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

May 8, 2015

We always say that Krav Maga is for everyone. We always insisted that everyone can learn Krav Maga. But is this really true?

The answer is yes, no, and depends.

It is certainly a plus to be young and fit but Krav Maga is for everyone, who is willing to make the time and effort.
IKI Panama. Instructor Ricardo Guevera.

Most martial arts are very difficult to learn. They involve complex moves and take years to learn. Even after years of learning it is highly doubtful if the average practitioner will be able to pull these techniques off in a real situation.

Krav Maga is meant to be different.

In fact there are many different schools of Krav Maga and many of them look very much like Jujitsu. In fact many are simply Jujitsu re-labeled as Krav Maga to fit in with the latest trends.

It is my opinion that most forms of Krav Maga taught today involve too much emphasis on:

1. Muscle
2. Speed
3. Youth
4. Athletic ability
5. Flexibility
6. Aggressive violent force
7. Fitness

IKI Krav Maga came along to be different, to be the "other guys" and we are.

Having all of the above stated attributes is terrific. But if you are not young, not strong etc...IKI Krav Maga will still work for, but there is a "but".

It is true that we have distilled martial arts down to its essence, to the simple moves that work, to a handful of concepts that can be applied to an infinite number of situation but..

You still have to train.

And the amount you have to train depends on what talents and gifts you possess.

Lets face, not all people are created equal. In fact it is rare to find too people that were created equal. We are in fact quite unequal.

Some are born clever, others are dim witted.  Some can hear a new language and "pick it up" while others can live in a country for years and still not speak the language. Some are natural strong while others will always tend to be weak. Some have great genetics and will always be slim while others will always struggle with their weight. Some are naturally happy and motivated while others struggle with depression.

No, we are not born equal. And we must deal with that.

Now to answer our question. Is Krav Maga for everyone? Yes, no and maybe.

Yes, everyone is capable of learning it but some will learn it faster. Some people learn a technique and never forget it while others show up for the next class and must start from scratch.

Some people can show up for class once a week and still gain something from it while others will not gain anything from a once per week class.

Everyone can learn it but not at the same pace.

There are some people who commit to a once a week class, miss the class now and then, and wonder why they are not progressing. Well, some people are slow learners, they will need to come at least 2 or 3 times per week to properly learn Krav Maga. Once a week will not do.

Every flower blossoms at its own pace. Every creature needs its own time.

So yes, Krav Maga is for everyone and everyone is capable of learning it, but not at the same pace.

Take music as an example. Clearly some people are more talented that others. Some people can even "pick up an instrument" on their own while others need years of lessons just to be mediocre.

We all have our talents. We all have our challenges. Each one blossoms in its own unique way.

IKI Krav Maga is designed to be as simple as possible. And yet, you still need to train. You still need to watch the video clips for our On Line program, you still need to view the IKI Krav Maga DVDs.

IKI is a self-defense shortcut but it is not instant soup.

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