It Will All Work Out
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

April 10, 2017, Herzliya, Israel

We live in optimist times but we do not really realize it. Thus the oft heard expression, "It will all work out". 

I myself used to believe that until about 13 years ago when my father suddenly died. Things do not always work out. Sometimes they crash and burn.

If we look at world history we see that actually very little "works out". Most people do not live to a ripe old age; they die from war, disease, accidents, and even starvation. 

Most people nowadays do not study history. Quick, how many people died during the Russian Civil War? (wow, some of you probably have no idea what I am talking about, about 10 million in case you were wondering)

How many died during the Napoleonic campaigns? How many died from the wars of Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, The Goths, The Barbarians? How many were killed during World War One and Two (about 17 million, and about 65 million, think about that one)?

Or how about smaller wars, the American wars: the Revolutionary War (close to 25,000), The War of 1812 (15,000), The American Civil War (620,000), The Vietnam War (58,000) Korean War (54,000) and the Gulf wars? And that is only one side, imagine how many millions of "others" were killed: Native Americans, Vietnamese etc 

How many Jews were massacred during the Pogroms? or during the various Catholic inquisitions, how many were burnt alive at the stake? How many were massacred in the Muslim lands? How many were massacred by the "holy" Crusaders?

For all these people I would say that one could probably not say, "It will all work out" and yet...

and yet we like to say that really it will all work out, why?

The answer is simple: We are lazy.

Therefore we suddenly believe in fate, in "everything turning out for the best" and or course there is absolutely no need to spend time training in Krav Maga or any form of self defense. Do not worry, it will all work out, just as it has for the millions and millions of people I mentioned above.