Knife Defense Awareness

March 6, 2024, Israel

I will quote you a small announcement that I received as part of a Jerusalem Whatsapp group, and I will interpret it as I see it. 

A Jerusalem resident, aged 64, was injured moderately and is hospitalized. He was attacked in the neighborhood of Neve Yaakov, "This morning I was waiting for the bus on the way to the industrial zone Ataroth. At the station, standing behind me was a young boy, (14 years old), I noticed him but paid no real attention, I made no note of him. Suddenly I feel a blow to my back, that someone is striking me. At first I did not know it was a knife, only later as he ran away, I turned and noticed a knife in my back."

He survived, he was lucky, or blessed. But what we can we learn from this?

I always stress, there is nothing I can teach you that is more important than awareness, and there is no technique that I can teach you that will overcome for the lack of awareness. 

Now read that at least 3 times. and don't forget it please. 

Let us analyze this and see what we can learn: 
We are in a state of war. Every day there are attacks, including knife attacks. This man is in area with Arabs, he notices a young man/boy standing behind him, and yet he "makes no note of it". We know very well that a 14 year old boy, or girl, can and has stabbed. They are perfectly able to kill a grown man. And yet, he makes no note of it. 

Next, he did not know he was stabbed until well after the fact. That is how quick and how sudden knife attacks occur. Therefore we must - 

Always be aware. 

Note suspicious people and take extra precautions, do not let them "stand behind us". 

Train in how to defend against a knife attack from various angles.

Just a little notice on a local Whatsapp group, but there is much we can, and must, learn from this. Luck favors the prepared. 


Moshe Katz, 7th dan Black Belt, Israeli Krav Maga. Certified by Wingate Institute. Member Black Belt hall of fame, USA and Europe.

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