Knife Defense, Neck and Hands
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

December 26, 2014, Israel

Whenever I hear about an attack of any sort I try and find out as much as I can about the case. My interest is not that of a news junkie or gossip person but of course as a Krav Maga instructor. I need to know. I want to learn.

I need to know what happened, how they attacked, and how the defenders reacted, and with what results. All this will affect our training. We learn lessons "from the field".

We are constantly updating our training. We are never content.

So today I see:

"Two police officers stabbed".

"Two Border Police officers were stabbed in Jerusalem on Friday morning, near the Old City's Lion's Gate.
Police said one officer, 19, was stabbed in the neck while the other, 35, suffered stab wounds to his hands after confronting the attacker."

What this indicates to me is that an ice pick style attack was used. Possibly other similar types from different angels.

Knife found on Arab attacker yesterday. He was caught by the police.

The ice pick attack is very common around here. We have simple yet effective techniques to deal with this, techniques and strategies that have proven themselves here and elsewhere.

The police officer who suffered hand wounds was clearly using his hands, which is something we warn against. We use our forearms only for blocking, we never try to grab the knife or the hand.

This also indicates to me another sad truth, while police are known to be tough and aggressive, they are sadly lacking in real self-defense techniques. Somehow that is not stressed enough in their training.

This is a truth I have seen all over the world. Police are not provided the means for effective self-defense training; they rely too much on their weapon and on their uniform.

We must help the police do their job. We must provide them with Krav Maga training.

So as our LadiesKrav class is about to start in a few minutes I try to digest the news from this morning and incorporate it into our class. The message is clear: Back to basics, what we currently teach is very relevant to our lives.  We must train harder, smarter, and more frequently.

While we are on the correct path we must remain vigilant and up to date. We must follow the news and study the crime stories. We must train to beat those who come to harm us.


Reaction to my home break-in

This goes to further show that it can happen on any day of the year regardless of festivals or holy days. 

As I said we were run ragged as a police force and are currently suffering staff cutbacks due to funding from government and more work than there are police officers to attend. A sad situation but this emphasizes why we ALL need to train. Every one thinks that in an emergency they can call and the police will be there straight away, just round the corner waiting to attend. I have first hand knowledge that this is not the case, although through no fault of the officers. 

The truth is when SECONDS count the police are only MINUTES away!

(Brad C. police officer, United Kingdom)

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