Knife Precision Timing
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

May 16, 2016, Israel

This is a real knife, it cuts, it kills, do not play martial arts games with it. You have been warned.

I just saw a brief clip labeled "Knife Defense" what I saw greatly upset me. Of course I was very familiar with the technique. Back in the late 1980's and early 1990's I trained endlessly with this technique. I was even tested on this during my black belt test. I recall one of the other students, who tested before me, she said..."Of course it was all choreographed, we each played into the hands of the other, we made an agreement beforehand. We practically leaped into each others' defense to make it look good."

The only thing is you cannot do that with a terrorist. My fellow students put on a show because they wanted to pass the test. I can understand. And that is precisely how students pass martial arts tests. Everyone knows very well what part to play.

It took me a while to realize that the chances of this working in real life are about the same as ..actually I cannot think of an example where the odds are so slim and unlikely.

How can anyone still be actually teaching this technique???

This technique involves perfect timing, being "one" with your opponent, side stepping in a perfect semi circle and grabbing and controlling the opponents' wrist while all this is happening. Like I said I have done this many times, in training. I dropped it over twenty years ago.

Anyone with any real life experience will tell you this is Hollywood martial crap. We at IKI Krav Maga certainly never approve such techniques. Never.

Easy, simple, gross motor moves; that is it, nothing more. Fancy footwork, precision timing, speed,,  never, we do not advocate that.

We are dealing with real people, we are dealing with real knife attacks, so let us not do "Fantasy Martial Arts". This is not a martial arts show, this is not a competition or a demonstration, this is real life we are preparing for.

Such techniques must never be included in our curriculum. Old style fancy jujitsu is not part of Krav Maga. I simply do not trust those techniques.

I treat your life as I do my own. We keep it real.

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