Krav Maga Applied to Life
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

October 16, 2014, Israel

What is the purpose of Krav Maga?

To win a tournament? Certainly not.

To make an action film? Don't make me laugh.

To win a fight? Survive on the street? Yes...but not just that. That is only a means to an end. The ultimate goal is to live free.

The correct answer is life itself. To live a life without fear. To live of life of freedom, to be free of fear, anxiety, physical or emotional abuse.

Most people who train in Krav Maga do so to protect themselves from the increasing brutality and crime of this world. But many have discovered an interesting "side effect", which is actually not a side effect but the main effect.

They have discovered an improved quality of life, greater success in business and greater success in their personal lives.

I cannot count the number of stories I have heard from my students but they certainly exceed the stories of physical self-defense. They are equally important.

People live their lives in fear, not only of physical violence. They fear being yelled at by the teacher in school and later by the boss at work. They are afraid to speak their minds. They are afraid to walk up to someone and say hello. They are afraid to send back food at a restaurant, even if it is awful.

Krav Maga applied can make the difference.

Many years ago an insurance agent called me up, uninvited. He called me up and "invaded" my private space. He was aggressive. He wanted to sell me an "essential" insurance policy for Krav Maga instructors. I hesitated, told him I needed to look into it. He pushed more, he told me that "all my friends already had it" and he named names. Later on I found out that he pulled this same trick on everyone, and in fact none of them bought his policy.

I said I need to think about it. I felt very defensive.

He said he will "help me think about it and we should meet". He pushed and I accepted.

I hung up the phone and felt terrible. And then I thought about it.

Damn! You are a Krav Maga instructor, stand up for yourself.

I called him right back. "Listen", I said. "I am not interested in your policy and I will not meet you to discuss this." "When I am ready to pursue a policy I will initiate contact with several agents and make my choice."

I had taken back the power.

I said it with a tone of authority. He meekly backed down. That is applied Krav Maga.

Krav Maga needs to be applied to every possible physical and emotional assault. Our goal is to live in freedom.

Getting on the mat and exchanging punches is great; Great for the body and great for the soul. I have seen people come out of their shells. I have seen people recover from broken relationships and betrayal. And I have seen people apply this positive, not be a victim mentality, to their work life.

Some people show up at work and spend their time trying to avoid eye contact with the managers/supervisors/"boss".

I do not like the term "boss", as I personally refuse to accept the status of being under someone. A supervisor may have a job to supervise his workers, as he is an expert and will increase productivity, but he is not a boss.

Krav Maga is not a matter of knowing you can handle yourself in a fight, it is a matter of a changed mental attitude. You have gone from a mouse to a man, or woman. You can stand up for yourself, you can go after what you want in life!

Even after a short period of time I have seen and heard personal testimonies of changed lives. A doctor may prolong your life but we can make that life one worth living.

Join us for Two Weeks in Israel and Change your life!

Krav Maga Tour and Train Experience

As a 19 year old, I at first felt apprehensive going on a trip myself, let alone a foreign country to learn Krav Maga. Yet these qualms ceased on the first day of tour and train. Why? Mr. Katz's IKI Krav Maga program is special. It is not based on any form of elitist ideology that many programs like to espouse to their clients. IKI Krav is tailored to the individual and is "down to earth", built for the street and real life scenarios. Like many martial arts, IKI Krav Maga involves technique. However, instead of "ten moves for one situation, IKI teaches one move for ten situations, as Mr. Katz himself says and teaches. Tour and Train is also a whole experience both dedicated to ones Krav knowledge and education about Israeli history and culture. This enriched my experience greatly and exposed me to a wholly new perspective - openness to others and the ability to see beyond my own world on America. I testify that Israel is a country worth visiting-With Mr. Katz as your guide around the sights and locales, you will see that this is indeed true. His passion and in depth knowledge of Jewish history and life is irreplaceable. Along with tour and train are the counter terrorism course and VIP protection course at Caliber 3. I recommend these also-one will learn about the Israeli mindset and learn invaluable techniques that will be also, along with Tour and Train, never forgotten. This experience brought me confidence for a lifetime!
I also recommend you to join IKI and continue your learning even after the program is done.

Alex Nelson, USA

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