Krav Maga Awareness

By Moshe Katz, Krav Maga Instructor, Israel

December 12, 2013

Heathrow airport, London, England.

Sitting at Heathrow airport waiting for my connecting flight I become aware of Krav Maga.
As we are all busy trying to connect to the internet (where do I click? is there an outlet over here?) suddenly I say, wait, where is my jacket? Where is my hand luggage? Whoa, it is right here next to me but for a split second I forgot about this. In fact I make sure to use "Sticky hands" with my luggage, as my leg is always 'caressing' my luggage so even if I am not looking directly at it I am still aware of it, I can feel it. I turn frequently to my side to see my jacket and whatever else I have next to me.
This awareness is Krav Maga. This constant scanning, looking around, checking our Krav Maga, it is Israel, it is a mindset of a warrior. When I speak to a fellow passenger I am checking them out, perhaps it is a set up, perhaps the pretty girl or the confused foreigner is a set up, perhaps...just be aware.
I spent years in a variety of martial arts, spent many years on the mat rolling around, kicking and punching. Not once was any of this ever mentioned to us. Not once did we have a chat and discuss the real world. Not once did we take a break from physical training to discuss the real world, and I have to ask why?
My neighbor here, a fellow passenger from Spain, just asked me "Was that my flight they just called?"

My friends; Awareness. No it is not a sweaty workout, no it is not muscle building and no you don't get to look very cool,  but it will save your life.
Yes my friends, I too came from traditional arts but I had to accept the truth, that so much was lacking. Yes it is like discovering that there is no Santa Claus coming down the chimney, no flying reindeer, and the tooth fairy is really your mom and dad who love you very much.
Whoops, someone just walked by me, I stop and look, he is harmless, I can continue.
My Spanish friend just said goodbye, but as I look at her I am still aware of my luggage and my surroundings.
Krav Maga my friends, not just techniques, an attitude, a way of survival.

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