Krav Maga Body Movement

Guest Blog by Esther Lehman
November 23, 2011

Krav Maga Body Movement by Esther Lehman

I have been a student of Moshe Katz for close to twenty years. I hold the rank of Black Belt 2nd dan. In addition I am a Wingate qualified fitness instructor. I have studied anatomy, kinesiology and physiology; I analyze movement and understand how the body works. I teach Pilates, Body Sculpting, Aerobics, Stretch and lengthening and Water Aerobics. I also design specific exercise programs for athletes.

In Moshe’s Dojo we used to train in Judo, Kickboxing, Jujitsu, Brazilian Jujitsu, knife defenses and gun defenses. Over the years many changes have taken place in Moshe’s school and in Moshe’s techniques. In the past we focused on complicated techniques that involved many steps or stages. I felt that the complexity of the techniques compromised their effectiveness and impact. Most of the techniques required a preliminary surprise kick, punch, jab, poke or a combination thereof in order to implement the technique effectively. I felt that on the street, under stress, these techniques were rather risky.

I have seen Moshe grow as a martial artist and teacher over the years in an incredible way. With many years of trial and error, teaching everyone from beginners to high ranking black belts - Moshe has seen the shortcomings of these complicated techniques. He has seen how in fact they could put a practitioner in danger. For example, a woman attacked by a man physically larger than her would be at a grave disadvantage using one of the old techniques; her chances of success would be rather slim. These techniques also required too much time to execute and therefore put her at greater risk.

Moshe always says, “get out as soon as you can, this is not a movie”. The old techniques were too involved and almost impossible to remember under stress. So Moshe evolved his system and training, making it effective in really saving lives. Moshe built Israeli Krav International (IKI) after much hard work. Using Krav Maga principles he developed new techniques designed to be quick and effective, easy to remember and easy to implement. One can say that the techniques become a natural instinct. Moshe believes in his techniques, he is passionate about Krav Maga, he feels that he is responsible for making a change in this world; if he can help one person save their own life then all his great effort was worth it.

All Moshe’s techniques have been tried and tested, PROVEN time and time again to work, that is a fact. I have studied Moshe’s technique as a professional and can see no flaw or weak link in his techniques; Moshe’s techniques WORK no question about it. Moshe, a professional in his field, uses the perfect amount of momentum, together with the correct leverage and body positioning to complete the technique in an effective way. If you learn your techniques well you succeed in doing them correctly and efficiently.

Some students feel frustrated that the techniques don’t seem to work for them, well I will tell you what I tell my own students; if the technique is not working for you then go and work on it again… are doing something wrong. Krav Maga takes the complexity out of martial arts but it still involves training; you must train.

Have a more experienced practitioner watch you. Find out how to improve and make yourself better at what do; open your mind and allow yourself to receive constructive criticism, this can only help you – someone else observing you can see what you cannot see about yourself. If you do the techniques correctly then all Moshe’s techniques work, I say this with confidence. So put your egos aside and go back to studying and learning and enjoying the feeling of succeeding… Moshe is a great teacher; you should cherish learning from him, because you are privileged to be taught by the best.

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