Krav Maga Direct

Accepted – Rejected

One of my favorite movies is "Shawshank Redemption". If you have not seen it, I feel it is well worth your time. In this film, Red commits a crime at a young age and is sentenced to life in prison. Every ten years he is up for parole, invariably his from is stamped, "Rejected". On the form there is a place for the results, it is either "Rejected," or "Accepted". Pretty clear I think, easy to get.

On the other hand recently I had the unfortunate experience of trying to get miles credit for 4 flights to South America. As I did not book the tickets myself I did not have all the documentation, although I had quite a bit. Every answer I received from them started off sounding very positive, very hopeful and upbeat. "We are so very happy that you are a Delta customer, we are excited to hear that you have chosen to fly Delta, at this moment however, despite our great appreciation for you we are unable to fully process your current request,". In other words, "Rejected".

I don't get this American, politically correct, sugar and cream approach; that everything has to be said in such delicate ways. Get to the point and say what you mean, I don't have all day to read your stupid letters! Be direct, in your thoughts, statements and actions.

In the Torah Pinhas the Cohen sees a terrible act taking place between a Hebrew man and a Midyanite woman, he grabs his spear and settles the matter. The question is asked – why did he not first consult Moses? The answer is because if he was the kind of person who needed time to think about this, and seek advice and consultation then he would not be the kind of person who was capable of this action in the first place. Certain situations demand immediate and deliberate action, not committees and debate. In Krav Maga we believe in directness; direct thought, direct action, direct energy and direct resolve.