Does Krav Maga Really Work
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

January 6, 2018, Israel

Does Krav Maga really work? (This blog only pertains to the style that I teach, IKI Krav Maga, I cannot speak for, or endorse any other style or associations).

Now of course the answer you expect is, Yes, our Krav Maga is very effective and is a great self defense system. If this is not my answer then why would I be teaching this?

So let's address the question of why it is effective and has proven effective in countless real life altercations involving soldiers, bounty hunters, police officers, maximum security prison guards, security personnel, bouncer, doormen (and women) men, women and children from all walks of life. 

Prior to developing our style of Krav Maga I was actively involved as a student and teacher in many other styles. I never felt fully satisfied. And the truth is I will never be fully satisfied or content. I was troubled by the amount of time it took to gain any sort of mastery over these techniques and I was troubled that although the techniques worked sometimes they were not consistent. 

The techniques somehow always involved anticipating the attack, or an opponent who who comply and be rapidly subdued. Of course this worked in our training sessions because we are all reasonable people and none of us particularly enjoy pain or injuries. Even those who did not mind some pain knew the risk of injury, which would mean a prolonged period of worst absence from training. Thus the testing ground was not fully realistic.

When we teach, train and developed techniques we must include two ideas: Worst possible scenario: Out of control aggression on the part of the assailant and lack of preparedness on our part. 

Let's analyze that. 

The assailant - In many real life cases the assailant is not well trained and in fact gives up rather quickly. However, we must never rely upon this, we must assume the worst. 

We must assume that he may be intoxicated, he may be high, he may be on something which causes aggression and makes him fairly immune to pain. We cannot rely on pain compliance techniques. We cannot rely on jujitsu joint locks. 

We go in with the following assumptions; He his bigger and stronger than us. He is more aggressive than us. I will be caught pretty much by surprise. He will not submit to any compliance techniques. 

Now let's look at the us, the defender. We assume the following:

LCD, Lowest Common Denominator: We shall assume that the defender is not dressed for a fight, is tired, fatigued, smaller than the assailant and somewhat caught by surprise.

Thus we assume the worst of the assailant and the least of the defender. 

With this in mind we begin our training and we begin developing our techniques. 

Thus we say all our techniques must be 

Easy to Learn

Easy to apply in a variety of situations

Easy to remember. 

Our techniques are not designed to defeat the opponent.  Nor are they designed to "win a fight" or put the guy in handcuffs, that can come later. Our techniques are designed for you to survive when the Sh..t hits the fan, as my dad would often say.

That is our style, when the S..t hits the fan, that is what we are training for. If the situation is not the worst case scenario, great, we are over prepared. But this is the cornerstone, the underlying assumption of every technique that we use. 

Pat and his wife Marion in Australia own and operate a security company in Australia. Both have used IKI techniques perfectly, with their own expertise/on the job experience blended in, to defend against violent assailants. Both Pat and Marion are beyond their youthful years and yet they used these techniques and concepts successfully against violent drunk assailants. I have seen some of the footage. 

We do not expect you to be an Olympic athlete. We do not expect you to be in the prime of your youth. We do not expect the assailant to be a reasonable person. We plan for the worst. 

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