Krav Maga Explosiveness
By Moshe Katz


When I send out slow motion clips of our techniques people often say, "Oh that reminds me of an Aikido technique or a jujitsu technique." Well, yes, and no, with more emphasis on the 'No'.

One of the key elements of Krav Maga, along with simplicity, directness, and versatility, is explosiveness. In Hebrew we call this "Koach mitparetz", or "Bursting Power, exploding power". This can not be shown in slow motion.

The idea is that, as the word implies, you explode into your opponents attack, and this makes all the difference. It changes the very essence of the technique from an Aikido like flowing technique to an "In your face you are about to die", Israeli technique.

In a way one can describe this explosiveness as an attitude, an expression. It is not a Mr. Nice Guy approach, not a control technique, but more like, "The ancient Greeks tried to destroy us, the Romans tried to destroy us, the Spanish inquisition, the Holocaust, and now you! No way!" and you explode with your technique in his face like a shotgun going off.

The explosiveness comes from a relaxed body bringing forth all its energy in one concerted motion. It comes from a focus of all the body's resources at one time on one target. It comes from a single minded purpose and an offensive mindset. And it all begins with an attitude, an attitude born out of our Israeli/Jewish culture and history. It begins with a solid resolve; I will not be a victim.

Whether you are a small nation at war, a kid on the play ground or a college student on campus, your Krav Maga self defense begins with an attitude change. Repeat like a mantra, "I will not be a victim. If anyone tries anything I will explode in his face."