krav maga instructor testing
by Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

The first thing you need to know is that to be an IKI Krav Maga instructor you must first be an IKI Krav Maga student and member.

You may be an 11th dan black belt in another style, like Master Ken, but you begin as a student with IKI.

There is nothing better than being a student and learning something new.

The first step is to join IKI Online and begin your training. If you are not a member of IKI and not training with us then I do not test you. 

This may seem obvious, but I receive many inquiries from Krav Maga instructors all over the world. They see that our fees are less than other organizations and want a quick certification.

As explained in Certification, that does not happen. We do not offer rank recognition, and we do not give you a free and automatic rank based on your presenting us with a foot long resume of your martial arts achievements including a letter from the Pope. (Yes, this has indeed happened.) 

You must: 

1. Join IKI

2. Train in IKI techniques.

3. Test with IKI.

It cannot happen the other way around. 

So if you are not an IKI member the first step is to join IKI. You can do so by using the following link; 

IKI Membership

If you are an IKI member and you wish to test for rank or instructor level, please see the same link but scroll down a little for rank tests and further down for instructor tests.

I am a teacher 

l What Am I Looking For?

So you might ask; what am I looking to see in an instructor test: 

First please understand that an instructor test is not at all like a black belt test. Knowing how to do something has little to do with knowing how to teach that same thing. How many of the great boxers became great coaches? 

How many actors became great acting coaches? How many authors of history books become great teachers?

Few, if any. 

What I am Not Looking For: 

On the instructor test let me tell you what I am Not looking for;

I do not need to be impressed with how macho you are. I do not need to see you cause body harm to your training partner. I will not make you do 100 push-ups and sit-ups. No, I want to see you TEACH. 

 What Am I Looking for;

First, in terms of the person, I wat to see a caring person, not a diploma junkie. I want to see someone who truly cares about his students. When students write to me and tell me how wonderful their Krav Maga teacher is, that counts a lot with me.

Perhaps you are not the strongest guy no the block, perhaps you are past your best physique, but if your students write to me and tell me how you inspired them, and motivated them, and made them better people; that counts a great deal.  Of course if you have invited me for seminars I will already know this. I can see you in action and I can interact with your students. 

The Test  

For the test what I want to see is as follows:

Show me the Technique  - If you show me a technique that you learned from some other Krav Maga instructor, well then...test with him. I am not interested. If you show a technique that you invented yourself, I am not interested. I am testing you only on IKI Krav Maga techniques.

Explain the Technique  - Show me the technique in slow motion, and then fast. Now break it down, step by step, treat me as if I am a new student in your class. Explain to me how it works. Show me the Logic! Show me the body position and how you are balanced and in control of the situation. Show me that you have full confidence in the technique.

Explain Why we don't do it "the other way"  - There are many techniques that we do very differently than the leading commercial Krav Maga Associations. That is our reason for being IKI. Without putting down other styles I want you to show me why these techniques are superior, more effective, safer for people of all sizes.

Show me how our technique reduce the risk of danger and can be used by people of all sizes and physical build. Treat me as a skeptical new student, or as a black belt from another style.

At the higher instructor levels I want to see how to apply these techniques. i.e.  We have a very limited number of techniques but an infinite number of potential situations to deal with, show me how that works. 

Payment- There is a one time payment only. If you are not ready, train some more and test again, you will never have to pay twice.

Video Testing   - If we cannot meet in person video testing is a great option. In fact it is my preferred method. I can watch it here in Israel at my own pace and send you comments as needed. 

Training Methods   - There are many ways to prepare for this test. You can train with one of our local instructors around the world. You can come to Israel to train.  You can be a member of IKI On Line and receive the daily video clips. You can order our DVDs, or you can download them immediately on Vimeo. The most important thing is to have a goal and get started. I am here to help.

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